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Basic Engineering

Mission Statement

The mission of the Basic Engineering Program consists of three primary activities:

  1. The faculty teach freshmen courses designed to prepare TTU engineering majors with the foundation, knowledge and skills required to succeed in an engineering baccalaureate degree program. These courses also provide an overview of engineering careers.
  2. Freshmen students who have not decided on a specific engineering discipline may enter the Basic Engineering Program rather than a specific major. This is a common situation for many entering students, who often have not had sufficient exposure to the various engineering disciplines to make a selection. Faculty will advise these students and assist them in the selection of a degree-granting major by their sophomore year.
  3. The faculty and staff also provide administrative support to the degree-granting programs in the College of Engineering. This support function includes recruiting activities, mathematics placement testing, registration activities, transfer credit evaluation, student advisement, and student records management.

Program Outcomes

  1. Increase retention of freshman students
  2. Through BE courses, advising and activities, such as the Engineering Orientation Fair, provide freshmen engineering students sufficient exposure to the engineering disciplines

Learning Outcome

  1. To provide quality foundation, knowledge and skills for freshmen engineering students to successfully succeed in an engineering major in their sophomore year.

Assessment Methods

  1. Retention rate of BE majors after the freshmen year
  2. Percent BE majors changing into an engineering-specific major after the freshmen year

Process for Analyzing and Using Assessment Results

Activities within the Basic Engineering Program are reviewed by the several departments in the College of Engineering as to quality and to meeting the needs of the various majors. Recommendations for new activities and/or modifications to the Program are discussed by representatives from the several departments and the BE Program, with proposed changes being shared with the Dean of the College of Engineering.