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Chemical Engineering

Assistant Professor
Highest Degree University: Tennessee Technological University
PO Box: 5013
(931) 372-3606

  • Mathematical and computational modeling of electrical field-based cancer treatments
    • Tumor treating fields
    • Electrochemotherapy
    • Nanoparticle-based delivery
    • Hyperthermia therapy
  • Engineering Education
    • Scaling in ChE transport pheonomena curriculum
    • Introducing biomedical engineering concepts to non-engineers
    • Biomedical engineering and underrepresented groups

More Information


• NIH Academic Science Education and Research Training Postdoctoral Fellow (ASERT), University of New Mexico, August 2011 - July 2013

• PhD, Engineering (concentration Chemical Engineering), Tennessee Technological University, 2011

• B.S., Chemical Engineering, Tennessee Technological University, 2006


• Society for Mathematical Biology Travel Grant Award, 2013

• AIChE Separations Division Graduate Student Award, 2010

• Diversity Fellowship, Tennessee Technological University, 2007-2011

• Summer School in Biophysics for Oak Ridge National Laboratory Travel Fellowship, 2009

• American Electrophoresis Society Travel Grant Award, 2008

• 2nd Place for Poster Presentation in the National American Electrophoresis Society Meeting (in conjunction with AIChE annual meeting), 2007

• Selected to represent the College of Engineering in the Graduate School Executive Committee, 2007 - 2008

• AIChE/Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer National Scholarship, 2006 - 2007




Pascal, Jennifer and Carlee Ashley, Zhihui Wang, Terisse Brocato, Joseph Butner, Eric Carnes, Eugene Koay and Jeff Brinker, Vittorio Cristini. "Mechanistic Modeling Identifies Drug-Uptake History as Predictor of Tumor Drug Resistance and Nanocarrier-Mediated-Response," ACS Nano (IF:12.062), 12 (2013): 11174-11182.

Pascal, Jennifer, Elaine Bearer, Zhihui Wang, Eugene Koay, Steven A. Curley, and Vittorio Cristini. "Mechanistic Patient-Specific Predictive Correlation of Tumor Drug Response with Microenvironment and Perfusion Measurements." PNAS (IF: 9.737), 110 (2013): 14266-14271.

• Langner, Pamela, Michael Loewenberg, Jennifer Pascal, Arnaud Chauviere, Vittorio Cristini, Elaine Bearer. "Quantitative Measurements of Cargo-Motor Interactions During Axonal Transport." Physical Biology, 9 (2012): 055005 (Cover of journal issue).

Pascal, Jennifer, Mario Oyanader, Pedro Arce. "Effect of Capillary Geometry on Predicting Electroosmotic Volumetric Flowrates in Porous Media." Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 378 (2012): 241.

Pascal, Jennifer, Oyanader, Mario and Arce, Pedro. "Optimal Separation Times for Biomacromolecules in a Couette-based/Electrophoretic Separation Device: Effect of Capillary Wall Velocities." Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 88 (2010): 384.

Pascal, Jennifer, Pedro Arce, Mario Oyanader, Sharon Sauer. "Electrokinetic Hydrodynamics (EKHD): A Much Needed Framework in Applied Sensitive Field Technologies." American Electrophoresis Society Newsletter, August 2009.

Pascal, Jennifer, Ryan O'Hara, Mario Oyanader, Pedro Arce. "Optimal Separation Times for Electrical Field Flow Fractionation with Couette Flows." Electrophoresis 29 (2008): 4238.

Engineering Education

• Arce, Pedro, Jennifer Pascal, Cynthia Torres. "The Soccer Ball Model: A Useful POK for Introducing Scaling Concepts in Continua." Chemical Engineering Education. 44 (Spring 2010): 111.


ChE 3121: Fluid Mechanics, Spring 2014
ChE 4131: Mass Transport, Fall 2013