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Chemical Engineering

Dr. Pedro E. Arce, Professor and Chair of Chemical Engineering received the 2013-14 University Outstanding Faculty for Professional Service.


Josh Cisco & Colten Burke: 1st Place TTU Student Research Day 2014

Dr. Cynthia Rice's undergraduate research team swept the floor in two different research poster fields, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Josh and Colten won 1st place with their poster presentation on "Catalyst Layer Design in Direct Formic Acid Fuell Cells" in Chemical Engineering; the research team included Antonio Pistono, Bobby Adams, and Chris Wilson. Shadi Saeed also earned 1st place in Mechanical Engineering for his research poster presentation while working under the guidance of Dr. Cynthia Rice.

Stephanie Poole & Bobby Adams: Renaissance Engineering Spectrum Award 2014

Two students, Stephanie Poole and Bobby Adams, received the 2014 Renaissance Engineering Spectrum Award to recognize their persistence and academic success in the Department of Chemical Engineering. The Renaissance Engineer Spectrum Awards recognizes a diverse body of students across all the degree-granting departments in the College of Engineering for their initiatives and achievements in educational (projects related to course work), research (projects relevant to their discipline) and professional development activities (internship, co-op, or summer job). This award is unique because it will be exclusively for students from all six departments in the college and will specially promote underrepresented groups in the COE.

Chemical Engineering Professor Receives Kinslow Engineering Research Award

Dr. Cynthia Rice was awarded the Kinslow Engineering Research Award for her significant contributions to the fields of fuel cell technology and electrochemistry. The Kinslow Award was established to recognize high-quality, archival publications by Engineering faculty members at TTU.

Read more about the Electrochemistry Lab here.

Chemical Engineering Chair is Awarded the Idahlynn Karre Exemplary Leadership Award

Dr. Pedro Arce, Professor and Chair of Chemical Engineering, was selected to receive The Chair Academy’s 2014 Idahlynn Karre Exemplary Leadership Award. This award recognizes their ability to advance academic and administrative leadership on Tennessee Tech's campus.

ChemE Student Azurae Johnson Wins Service Award for Volunteer Work with Big Brothers Big Sisters Program

Dr. Joseph J. Biernacki awarded the 2011 University Distinguished Faculty Fellow

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Concrete is the most ubiquitous building material on Earth. Biernacki hopes
that his work will contribute to making this important material more compatible
with the environment.