Chemical Engineering

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Newsletter Issue 2 - Spring 2017

Newsletter Issue 1 - Fall 2016

Dr. N. Helen Okoye, 2016 PhD in Chemical Engineering has been offered and accepted a position at the Warren Research Center, General Motors, MI to help with the design and optimization of materials for the batteries of the new generation of electrical cars. She is the first PhD from Tennessee Technological University to receive such an opportunity.

Dr. Pedro E. Arce delivered a Departmental Seminar at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rutgers University, NJ on March 24, 2016. Dr. Arce overviewed his work (with students and collaborators) on the Hydrogel Technologies for Health Care Engineering Applications.

Dr. Rocio Tijaro-Rojas, 2015 PhD in Chemical Engineering and an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at the Arturo Pratt University, Iquique, Chile has received a competitive $500K research grant to develop a new bioreactor for plastic material recycling.

A Team of Chemical Engineering Faculty (Dr. J. Pascal, Dr. J. R. Sanders, Dr. P. E. Arce) in collaboration with Dr. Laura Cruz (Teaching and Learning Center) have received the first Steelcase Foundation Grant to build the "Steelcase Foundry Room" that will enhance the transformational learning at TTU based on the Renaissance Foundry Model (Spring 2016). The grant is one out of six among more than 800 applications received by the Foundation.