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Chemical Engineering

Advisement for class registration will be held at a designated time each semester. The week prior, a list of student names and their respective advisors will be posted outside the ChE office, as will a notice of student registration times.  Note that the students can obtain their advisors name from their Banner accounts.

First-year students will need to schedule an appointment with his or her advisor for recommendations/approval of the next semester’s course scheduling.  Check the office door of your advisor for available times.

For students beyond their first year, they can either sign-up for a time with their advisor or identify the courses that they need to take themselves by completing a Student Advisement Record form (available in the ChE Office) and handing in the completed form back to the Departmental Secretary in the ChE Office.  At that point, their advisor will review their Student Advisement Record and approve the selection (or respond directly to the student if an issue arises).

All students will need an alternate PIN to register.  Once you have a completed and approved (by your advisor) Student Advisement Record form, you will be given your alternate PIN by the Departmental Secretary.