Computer Science

Graduate Program

The Department of Computer Science blends scholarship and research with advanced studies, offering excellent opportunities to graduate students. Our program offers an MS in Computer Science and a PhD in Engineering with a concentration in Computer Science. The relatively small size of the program and friendly campus atmosphere promote close interaction among students and faculty. Faculty members work closely with colleagues in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Environmental and Civil Engineering, as well as maintain strong collaborations with TTU's Centers of Excellence and other leading institutions and national laboratories to build a unique and effective environment for graduate research, learning, and well-rounded training.

Master's Program

The Department of Computer Science offers advanced studies leading to a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. Our MS degree program in Computer Science is driven by two distinct needs that are fueled by the growth in technological companies and jobs in the Middle Tennessee and Upper Cumberland regions. These needs include:

  • Opportunities for personnel from surrounding industries to upgrade their professional skills.
  • A strong academic program that prepares graduates to pursue a terminal (PhD) degree in Computer Science.

In order to meet the needs listed above, the following learning objectives are emphasized by the Masters's program:

  1. The student should gain breadth of knowledge in the discipline and depth in the specific area of his/her specialization.
  2. The student should learn and gain experience in doing independent academic work.
  3. The student should demonstrate knowledge of the techniques, methods, and disciplines of computer science research.

Fast-Track Program

The Fast Track program is designed to enable TTU undergraduates to accumulate up to six (6) credit hours of graduate coursework while still pursuing their undergraduate degree and to transition to the Computer Science graduate program smoothly, with accelerated completion. Up to six (6) hours of graduate coursework, exclusive of directed study, taken during undergraduate study can be used to satisfy both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. These courses must be taken at Tennessee Tech University and must be approved as appropriate substitutions in the undergraduate curriculum. Additionally a Fast Track Student can take up to 6 hours of graduate coursework at TTU during their junior or senior year which can be used to satisfy graduate degree requirements only.

The minimum requirements for applying to the Fast Track program are:

  • Enrolled as TTU undergraduate with junior or senior standing.
  • Completed CSC 2400.
  • Overall GPA of at least 3.25 and a GPA for CSC courses of at least 3.5.
  • Letter from a CSC graduate faculty member agreeing to serve as applicant's graduate advisor.

Program participants should consult with their future M.S. advisor regarding appropriate graduate courses to take during their undergraduate study and must earn a minimum grade of "B" in the graduate courses in order to apply them to their M.S. program of study. Additionally, all requirements for full admission to Graduate School must be met upon graduation.

If you would like more information concerning the program please send emails to:

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PhD Program

The Department of Computer Science offers advanced studies leading to a PhD in Engineering with a concentration in Computer Science. Our PhD program offers students the opportunity to do advanced studies and research in cutting-edge technologies. Current research is sponsored by agencies such as NSF, DOE, NIH, DHS, DOD, and state and private sources among others.

For more information concerning the PhD program and Admissions please visit the following links: