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Computer Science

Computer Science involves the study of how software systems and programs are developed to run efficiently on computer hardware.

A computer science major is exposed to programming languages, algorithms, methods, tools, and techniques for writing effective programs. A computer science graduate is prepared to work in many areas that involve computing, including scientific, business, or systems work. In addition, a computer science major learns to work with other people or customers to develop software systems. Problem solving ability, analytical thinking, and effective communication skills are important parts of computer science training.

Graduates find work in many areas of computer application and use. Some areas of employment include large industries and businesses; medical applications; scientific work at government labs or military research facilities; financial, health care, insurance, government services, or transportation areas; and defense-related industries. Many jobs are available in the Southeast. Graduates are also prepared to enter graduate school. Graduates perform many types of work, including systems work, software design and maintenance, database, networking, user support, and other computer related areas, as needed by an employer.