Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistantships & Financial Aid

The Department offers graduate teaching assistantships (GTAs) each semester. About half of these GTA positions are full (the stipend is $1000/month for MS and $1200 /month for PhD plus full tuition waiver for 20 hours/week of work) and the others are half (half of the above stipend plus half tuition waiver for 10 hours/week of work). The TTU Office of Graduate Studies also offers a limited number of Graduate Minority Student Fellowships each year, with full stipend and full tuition waiver. The CESR and CMR Research Centers offer graduate research assistantships (GRAs) to both MS and PhD students.

Graduate tuition and fee information can be found on the Bursar Tuition & Fees page. For students receiveing a half or full assistantship, the entire out-of-state portion of the fee is waived. In addition, a half assistantship receives a 50% waiver of in-state fees and a full assistantship receives a 100% waiver of in-state fees. These waivers apply only to the tuition and registration fees. Other fees, such as health insurance and international student fee may be assessed.

Graduate Teaching & Research Assistantship Application

Please complete the following form and include it with the application packet:

ECE Assistantship Application (MS Word document) Don't forget to attach your résumé or other document describing your qualifications.