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Electrical and Computer Engineering

This list shows significant changes made to the Mechatronics Concentration within the Electrical Engineering program. Dates given are effective dates. Course changes and proposed course and curriculum changes are listed elsewhere.

Fall 2015:

  • ECE 3120 (3 hours) replaced by ECE 3130 (4 hours) in curriculum.
  • Physics course numbers and credits updated (the laboratory has been merged with the course).
  • Rearranged the ordering of some courses.

Fall 2014:

  • Rearranged the ordering of some courses.
  • EE Senior Elective list - reworded to allow new Research Topics courses; this change also applies retroactively to previous curricula.

Fall 2013:

  • ENGR 1020 replaced by ECE 1020 in curriculum.
  • Rearranged the ordering of some courses.

Fall 2012:

  • ECE 2001 added to curriculum.
  • ECE 3910 replaced by MATH 3470 in curriculum.
  • ECE 4970 replaced by ECE 4971 in curriculum.
  • MATH 2010 + 2011 (3 hours total) replaced by new MATH 2010 (3 hours) in curriculum.
  • MATH Elective deleted from curriculum.
  • Elective renamed to improve clarity.
  • Changes to electives list (specify?).

Spring 2012:

  • EE-Mechatronics Concentration receives approval from TBR.