Electrical and Computer Engineering

Enhancing Your Education: Minors, Majors, and Degrees

There are several ways of enhancing your education and credentials: professional registration, minor, second major, second degree, or an advanced degree.

Professional Registration

An important step toward registration as a Professional Engineer is completion of the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. Information can be found at the NCEES and Tennessee web sites.


A minor is a secondary field of study or specialization and typically involves just a few additional courses. The requirements are listed in the undergraduate catalog (see item #9). Additional information is available regarding minors in Business, Computer Science (CmpE majors - see item #9), Computer Science (EE majors), and Arts and Sciences (including Mathematics and Physics).

Second Undergraduate Degree

To enhance job opportunities, to keep options open for future career development or to satisfy personal interest, students sometimes would like to pursue academic programs in two different areas. This may be accomplished by obtaining a baccalaureate degree in one field of interest and a second degree in another field. Receiving two degrees requires completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours at TTU beyond the requirements for the first baccalaureate degree, and meeting the requirements specified in the curriculum for the second degree. Complete information is in the undergraduate catalog. (Note: A related item, "second major," is not available in conjunction with the BSEE or BSCmpE degree.)

Graduate School and Fast-Track BS+MS Program

Obtaining a Master's or Doctorate degree provides you with more in-depth knowledge of electrical or computer engineering. More information is available in the graduate program section of this web site. The new Fast-Track BS+MS five-year program is designed to attract exceptional TTU ECE seniors to stay at Tech for one additional year to obtain the MS ECE degree. Information about the fast-track option is on the MS program web page.