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Electrical and Computer Engineering

It is possible to meet the requirements of both the electrical engineering and computer engineering curricula with a minimum of 12 additional hours in the Fall 2012, Fall 2013, or Fall 2014 curricula.

The following are required courses in one curriculum which count as electives in the other curriculum.

BSEE Curriculum BSCmpE Curriculum
ECE 3510 EE elective
EE Breadth (Junior) elective ECE 3120
EE Senior elective ECE 4140
EE Focus Senior elective ECE 4110
EE Focus Senior elective ECE 4120
EE Focus Lab elective ECE 3160
E/M/S/B elective CSC 2110
E/M/S/B elective CSC 2400

The following electives in both curricula can be simultaneously satisfied by choosing appropriate courses. (To take advantage of this, the courses chosen must satisfy the requirements of both programs.)

BSEE Curriculum BSCmpE Curriculum
EE Breadth (Junior) elective CmpE elective
EE Lab elective EE Lab elective

The following courses or electives have no match in the other curriculum. Credit hours are shown in parenthesis.

BSEE Curriculum

  • Engr. Fund. elective (3) [Fall 2012 and Fall 2013] or ECE 3310 (3) [Fall 2014]
  • EE Breadth (Junior) elective (3)
  • EE Breadth (Junior) elective (3)
  • EE Breadth (Junior) elective (3)
  • EE Lab elective (1)

BSCmpE Curriculum

  • CSC 2111 (1)
  • CSC 2500 (1)
  • CSC 3030 (1)
  • CSC 4100 (3)
  • CSC 4200 (3)
  • CS elective (3)