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Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Course Syllabi

ME 5020 Applied Machine Design
ME 5060 Machine Vibrations

ME 5120 Intermediate Dynamics
ME 5140 Introduction to Robotics and Intelligent Machines Engineering
ME (CEE) 5160 Experimental Stress Analysis
ME 5180 Finite Element Methods in Mechanical Design
ME 5190 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
ME 5260 Energy Conversion and Conservation
ME 5310 Gas Dynamics
ME 5370 Mechatronics and Intelligent Machines Engineering
ME 5450 Design For Manufacturability
ME 5460 Mechanical Properties of Materials
CHE/ME 5470 Interdisciplinary Studies in Ceramic Materials Processing
ME 5480 Microstructural Analysis
ME 5490 Properties and Selection of Engineering Materials
ME 5510 Aerodynamics
ME 5620 Turbomachinery
ME 5640 Dynamics Of Machinery II
ME 5730 Numerical Heat Transfer
ME 5810 Automatic Controls
ME 5930 Noise Control
ME/CHE/ECE 5950 Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
ME 6010 Conduction Heat Transfer

ME 6030 Radiation Heat Transfer
ME 6040 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
ME 6050 Convection Heat Transfer
ME 6200 Linear System Analysis
ME 6210 Thermodynamics
ME 6230 Linear Multivariable System Design
ME 6250 Modeling and Control of Thermal Power Plants
ME 6260 State Estimation and System Identification
ME 6280 Nonlinear Automatic Control
ME 6360 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
ME 6370 Vibrations of Continuous Media
ME 6410 Lubrication and Bearing Design
ME 6420 Design of Measurement Systems
ME 6430 Acoustics and Vibrations
ME 6440 Engineering Acoustics
ME 6450 Current Techniques in Experimental Mechanics
ME 6460 Experimental Transport Phenomena
ME 6610/6620 Machine Design
ME 6640 Advanced Robotics
ME 6710 Dynamics of Machinery
ME 6730 Modal Vibration Analysis
ME 6810 Advanced Materials Science I
ME 6830 Advanced Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

ME 6900 Boundary Element Methods in Engineering
ME 7040 Mass Transfer
ME 7060 Advanced Numerical Heat Transfer
ME 7070 Fluid Mechanics of Suspensions
ME 7080 Advanced Viscous Flow
ME 7090 Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 7100 Turbulence
ME 7510 Space Mechanisms
ME 7710 Dynamics of Machinery
ME 7720 Transfer Function Synthesis of Dynamic Systems
ME 7930 Physical Acoustics
ME 7980 Uncertainty Analysis in Engineering