Mechanical Engineering

Senior Capstone Design Projects

The Senior Design Project Lab is the major part of the Mechanical Engineering capstone course (ME 4444). All Mechanical Engineering Students are required to take this course. As part of this course and lab, students are provided with experience in the use of mechanical engineering design for the solution of engineering problems. Students work in a team format on selected mechanical engineering projects emphasizing both mechanical systems and thermal science design aspects. Important parts of these semester-long design projects are a formal project proposal, design analysis report, engineering drawings, project construction, and project testing. Formal written and oral presentations of results are made at the completion of the project. Time scheduling and project costs are also important considerations.

Upon completion of this class, the student will be able to:

  1. Engage in the various elements of the engineering design process
  2. Complete a group-based, hands-on, capstone design project
  3. Employ basic computer-based data acquisition
  4. Use programmable logic controllers and ladder-based programming
  5. Work in a team environment on an engineering design project
  6. Determine the potential impact of ethical and societal concerns on the engineer and engineering design process
  7. Prepare and delivery/submission of a written report(s) and an oral presentation
  8. Communicate with a variety of "nonacademic" contacts (e.g. technicians, vendors, and other professionals for the purpose of gaining factual information and making component purchases)

Spring 2015 Senior Design Projects

Fall 2014 Senior Design Projects