Mechanical Engineering


Q. Who is my advisor?

Advisors are assigned by last name, whether you are a transfer student, freshman, or honors student. Check this chart to find your advisor.

Q. How do I get my Alternate Pin to Register?

Fill out your Advisement Form, talk with your advisor and once your advisor signs the form, the advisor should have your Alternate Pin and registration time to give you.

Q. How do I get a permit/push for a closed class?

Check with the departmental secretary to see if more room is available in the class. You may be placed on a waiting list or asked to contact the instructor. If permission is granted, a permit will be given on the computer. Then you MUST register for the class.

Q. Why can't I add a class between semesters?

Once the early fee payment deadline has passed, classes cannot be added or dropped until the week school starts. See the Fee Payment Deadline to see the last day to drop or add for early registration.

Q. How do I schedule the FE exam?

To schedule your F.E. exam, please contact the Clay N. Hixson Student Success Center at 931-372-3833 / CLEM 206.

Q. Is there any study material available to review for the FE Exam?

Upon returning your FE exam application and check, you will be given an exam handbook to study. Study sessions will be held in the evenings a few weeks prior to the exam. Watch for bulletins posted about session times and topics.

Q. Where can I find information about classes that will transfer to TTU?

This link will take you to the National List. Choose Tennessee, then select the college you want classes to transfer from. If you need additional information, contact TTU Records and Registration Office at 931-372-3317 or e-mail:

Q. Whom do I contact if I need to use the shop?

Jeff Randolph at 931-372-3289 or e-mail: