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Manufacturing and Engineering Technology

Professional support of any college program is a tremendous advantage to both the students and the businesses. This support is given to the Department of Manufacturing and Engineering Technology by the Advisory Board (METAB). Automation Tool Company, Volkswagen, Mohawk Machine and Engineering LLC, King Pharmaceuticals, Nissan North America, Tennessee Occupational Safety Administration, Eureka Foundry, Electrolux., Tennessee Valley Authority, Manchester Tank and Equipment, Lodge Manufacturing, The Integrity Inspection Group, Tecumseh Products Company, Highland Home Improvement, and Calsonic Kansei are a few of the companies represented on the board. The advisory board is a great way to look at companies and see what they have to offer. They also provide a great collective knowledge about the manufacturing industry fields from which all students are encouraged to draw. The METAB members play adjunct role as a constituency in bringing to the program educational objectives the currency with respect to engineering technology and to ensure that graduates from the program will be adequately prepared for careers in engineering technology. Furthermore, the METAB members serve as external evaluators to assess the Senior Project presentations toward the end of each semester.

Ethan Bernhart, Project Manager, Automation Tool Company
Phone 865-241-9255

Jill J. Senff, PHR, CEBS, VW Academy Advanced Specialist, Human Resources



David Bohannon, Sales Engineer, Alliance Automation

Phone 419-238-2520


Jason Carpenter, Project Engineer, King Pharmaceuticals
Phone 423-274-8640


David L. Collier, Process and Facilities Engineer - retired, Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp.
Phone 615-449-1942

Gerald Hale, Trim and Chassis Product Engineer, Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp., USA
Phone 615-355-2362

Steve Hawkins, Administrator, Tennessee Occupational Safety Administration
Phone 615-741-7161


Chris W. Hetzler, Plant Engineer/ V.P. Engineering, Eureka Foundry
Phone 423-267-3328

John Ledgerwood, Unit Operator, TVA

Phone 865-717-2572


George Lehning, President, Jaston & Associates, LLC
Phone 352-408-8266

Ms. Angela (Henley) Lewis, Environmental Manager, Manchester Tank and Equipment
(931) 510-2345


James (Jimmy) T. Mansell, Plant Manager, The Peregrine Steel Division
Phone 931-935-5855


Lem L. McSpadden, Owner, President, The Integrity Inspection Group
Phone 931-520-1700


Keith Nunley, Project Engineer, Lodge Manufacturing
Phone 423-837-7180 ext 110


S. Jason Smith, Jr., Corporate Environmental Director, Tecumseh Products Company
Phone 731-644-8127

Kimberly Williams, Vice President of Manufacturing, Calsonic Kansei
Phone 931-580-7404