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Have questions about your ET major, courses or General Education requirements? This section is designed to help students and advisers find the answers.

Students - this section does not replace your academic adviser. Please note, the information contained here is subject to change. Please use this section as a source of information for your academic decisions, then make an appointment with your adviser to discuss your plans.

The online undergraduate student catalog contains information that all students need to know from general education requirements to requirements for academic honors.

Department Advisers Information

Advisor For Faculty/Email Office# Phone #
Freshman (0-29.9 SH) Student Success Center -
Ms. Linda Randolph -
Clement Hall 320 (931) 372-3838
Sophomore (30-59.9 SH) Dr. Ismail Fidan -
Dr. Ahmed Kamal -
Lewis Hall 103
Lewis H 202
(931) 372-6298
(931) 372-6438
Junior (60-89.9 SH)

Dr. Fred Vondra -
Dr. Awni Qasaimeh -

Lewis Hall 204C
Lewis Hall 111A

(931) 372-3527
(931) 372-3327

Senior (more than 90 SH)
Transfer and Exchange students

Dr. Ahmed ElSawy - Lewis Hall 107 (931) 372-3238
Contact Ms. Pauline Reyna - Lewis Hall 107A (931) 372-3263