College of Engineering

The Eminence Awards

The Eminence Awards Ceremony was created to recognize outstanding students for superior accomplishments throughout the academic year. The Eminence Awards Ceremony is held annually in the spring.Recipients are selected by chairpersons, faculty and staff from each department within the college, giving them the opportunity to recognize outstanding achievements of their students. 

Eminence Award Descriptions
  • The Student Ambassador Appreciation Award recognizes our student ambassadors who serve in a leadership role promoting all majors in COE and attend events on and off campus.  (awarded by the Student Success Center)
  • The Outstanding Senior Award recognizes senior students who excel through academic achievement; athletic or extra-curricular honors or awards; service and leadership; scholarships and work ethic during their time at Tennessee Tech. 
  • The Distinguished Design Award recognizes the best senior design project team that best combines conceptual/technical innovation with entrepreneurial possibility. 
  • The Bachelor of Science Best Paper award recognizes B.S. students who have published/co-published a conference or journal paper. (This is an undergraduate award even if they worked with a graduate student).
  • The Innovation Award is given to undergraduate students who disseminate, commercialize or publish intellectual property created in the course of their research, creative activity, or experiential learning.
  • Exceptional Teaching Assistant This award recognizes the significant contributions our graduate students make to the instructional mission of the College.
  • Master of Science Best Paper This award recognizes M.S. students who have published or co-published a conference or journal paper.  Additionally, these individuals have presented or co-presented at a conference.
  • The Doctor of Philosophy Best Paper award recognizes Ph.D. students who have published or co-published a conference or journal paper.
  • The Supplemental Instructor Appreciation Award recognizes Supplemental Instruction Leaders who embrace his/her role as mentor, facilitate engaging sessions, accommodate students’ learning styles, and build relationships with instructors. (awarded by the Student Success Center)
  • Outstanding Student Group Award recognizes student groups or organizations who serves as a leadership model to the college and actively participates in acts of service to the community on and off campus.  (awarded by the Student Success Center)
  • Outstanding Tutor Award is awarded to tutors who excel in their position by aiding students in the learning process, accommodating students’ learning styles and creating engaging sessions for students.  (awarded by the Student Success Center)

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