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2022 Senior Design Expo Poster Session

April 28, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Academic Wellness Center, Gym A

Select from the programs listed below to see their Expo schedule, and access their design team presentations. 

Poster Session Program

  • Chemical Engineering
    Renewable Carbon & Sustainable Process Alternatives: Lactic Acid Production from Fermentation-Derived Magnesium Lactate
    • Advisor: Dr. Joseph J. Biernacki
    • Sponsor: Tennessee Tech
    • Project Team Members: Tyler Burden, Lauren Ennamorato, Katie Mealio, Emily Rhoton, and Bryson Stremler
    Novel Production of Biodiesel via Electrocatalysis Utilizing Bipolar Membrane Electrode Assembly Flow Cells
    • Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Rice
    • Sponsor: Tennessee Tech
    • Project Team Members: Ann Brewer, Devon Cotter, Caroline Hibbett, Jaron Mack, Lela Manis, and Nathan Smith
    Design and Analysis of Modified Biosynthetic
    • Advisor: Dr. J. R. Sanders
    • Sponsor: Tennessee Tech
    • Project Team Members: Remonda Aziz, Austin Ivey, Spencer Legins, Ha Nguyen, Brianna Turner, Mayu Uno
    Poly Vinyl Chloride Production
    • Sponsor: Tempur-Pedic
    • Project Team Members: Elizabeth Mitchell, Carter Powers, Hayden Suddeath, Ian Terrel, Thomas Terry, Chase Yancey

    Space Technologies
    • Sponsor: E. Fanin
    • Project Team Members: Matthew Webb, Angelle Howard, Janani Achchillage, Laura Sanchez, Elizabeth Vaughn, Shanda Hughes
    Hydrogen Reforming for Green Steel Production
    • Advisor: Ms. S. Mirtes
    • Sponsor: Hoeganaes
    • Project Team Members: Toney, Viar, Clark, Bereda, Headrick

    Joseph J. Biernacki, DRE, Lead Design Sequence Faculty 

    Holly Stretz, , Ph.D., Interim Chair 

  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Structural and Site Design of LogiCore Corporation Headquarters, Huntsville, AL
    • Professional Mentors: Mr. Stephen Cotton, PE, Turnkey Processing Solutions; and Mr. Jack Southard, PE of Ardurra
    • Civil Engineering Faculty: Dr. Badoe, Dr. Datta, Dr. Weathers, and Dr. Henderson
    • Project Team Members: Carson Kennedy, Andrew Moore, Emma Cornell, Wesley Baxter, and Breanna Fowler
    Design of a Replacement Bridge over Buffalo River on Perry County State Route 13, Tennessee
    • Professional Mentors: Mr. Eric Slayton, PE; Mr. Nick Kniazewycz, EI; Mr. Jesse Hoover, PE; Mr. Seth Bradley, PE; Ms. Emily Carpenter, PE; Mr. Jimmy Scales, EI; Mr. Jesse Wooden, EI; and Ms. Rebecca Williamson, EI all of Tennessee Department of Transportation
    • Civil Engineering Faculty: Dr. Badoe, Dr. Click, Dr. Huff, Dr. Weathers, and Dr. Kalyanapu
    • Project Team Members: Zane Robinson, Kalei Hair, Elise Galea, Brianna McCall, Blayne Carroll, and Abigail Cothron
    Design of Infrastructure for a Mixed-Use Development
    • Professional Mentors: Mr. Barry Quinn, PE; Mr. John Gore, PE; Mr. Jeff Hooper, PE all of Barge Cauthen & Associates; and Mr. Mark Savage, PE of EMC Structural Engineers
    • Civil Engineering Faculty: Dr. Badoe, Dr. Click, Dr. VandenBerge, Dr. Weathers, and Dr. Kalyanapu
    • Project Team Members: Cullen Morrow, Joon Sim, Justin Baker, Keaton Metcalf, Ashton Mitchell, and Alejandro Segoviano-Carrillo
    Old Lebanon Dirt Road Widening and Shared Use Path
    • Professional Mentors: Ms. Paige Harris, PE; Mr. Colin Williams, EI; Mr. Justin Corbitt, EI; and Mr. Shelby Cohen all of WSP
    • Civil Engineering Faculty: Dr. Badoe, Dr. Avera, and Dr. Weathers
    • Project Team Members: Will Moran, Eric Jordan, Kyle Ingleburger, Jacob Sutton, and Brett Howard
    Design of I-69 Roadway between West if Wolverine Road and East of R. Calloway Road in Obion County, Tennessee
    • Professional Mentors: Mr. Harrison Bruce, EI and Mr. John Pennington of HMB Professional Engineers, Inc.
    • Civil Engineering Faculty: Dr. Badoe, Dr. Avera, Dr. Huff, and Dr. Weathers
    • Project Team Members: Levi Cross, Sam Fisher, Harrison Hall, Jacob Oligny, Michael Powell, and Andrew Palmeter
    Clarksville Water Treatment Plant – Solids Handling Building
    • Professional Mentors: Mr. Greg Gash, EI; Ms. Kate MacIndoe, PE; Mr. Brian Hollander, PE; and Mr. Andrew Johnson, PE all of SSR Inc.
    • Civil Engineering Faculty: Dr. Badoe, Dr. Henderson, Dr. Datta, and Dr. Weathers
    • Project Team Members: Ethan Harper, John Westerman, Thomas Pardue, Kyle Wendt, Darius Eury, and George Safaipour

    Daniel Badoe, Ph.D., Lead Design Sequence Faculty  

    Benjamin Mohr, Ph.D., P.E., Chair

  • Computer Science
    Alexa Integration with Connected Products
    • Sponsor: AO Smith
    • Project Team Members: Brown, Cuskey, Douthit, Harper, Parker
    Augmented Reality
    • Sponsor: TN State Parks
    • Project Team Members: Boyd, Leisure, Sells, Tice, Winters
    Breadcrumb Fraud Detection
    • Sponsor: Transcard
    • Project Team Members: Burgess, Gannod, Hull, MacGregor, Myers, Williams
    Capture Dash
    • Sponsor: SAIC
    • Project Team Members: Brown, Latham, Lictenstrahl, Mitchell
    • Sponsor: Rural Reimagined
    • Project Team Members: Al-Halawani, Fisher, Ford, Green, Motykowski
    Electronic Clinical Record
    • Sponsor: Predisan
    • Project Team Members: Carico, Cunningham, Johnson, Lafever, Medrano, Vlahakos
    Map Suite
    • Sponsor: Averitt
    • Project Team Members: Moroney, Presley, Rich, Sweeten, Gable
    Model Visualization Project
    • Sponsor: Urban Science
    • Project Team Members: Garton, In, Nelson, Siedlecki, Tomichek
    Opportunity Connector
    • Sponsor: Compassio
    • Project Team Members: Bates, Davis, Johnson, Lewis, Thompson
    Predicting Potential Patient Issues
    • Sponsor: NavSea
    • Project Team Members: Doonis, Fornehed, Hill, Kelley, McGuire, McKay
    Recommender System
    • Sponsor: Cru
    • Project Team Members: Austin, Davis, Hynek, Steinmeyer, Quarles
    Weather Location
    • Sponsor: ORNL
    • Project Team Members: Dodd, Hendrick, Kemp, McDonald, Qualls

    William Eberle, Ph.D., Lead Design Sequence Faculty 

    Gerald Gannod, Ph.D., Chair

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Autonomous Golf Caddy
    • Project Team Members: Davini, Martin, Nail, Terry, Ellis

    Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Vessel
    • Project Team Members: Alley, Ashby, Daniel, Herrera

    Autonomous Surveillance Drone
    • Project Team Members: Shockey, Senz, Davis, Lunn

    EV Battery Modeling
    • Project Team Members: McClain, Valentine, Frost, Clendenin, Ford

    Fluidyne Electric Generator
    • Project Team Members: Dexter, Whitehead, Rogers, Tindell

    IEEE Southeast Convention Robotics Competition
    • Project Team Members: Garner, Hall, Sheeler, Summers

    IMU Based Personnel and/or Equipment Tracking (Proprietary to REI company)
    • Project Team Members: Sanderson, Patel, Clouse, Sylvester

    Mario Kart Integrated Exercise Bike
    • Project Team Members: Faulkner, Griffin, Hester

    Quad-to-Fixed Wing Delivery Drone
    • Project Team Members: Sandoval, Morse, Doss, Walker

    Self-Organizing Smart Refill Coaster
    • Project Team Members: Adams, Hall, Houbre, Love

    Structure Health monitoring using mobile crowd sensing
    • Project Team Members: Rogers, Baker, Washington, Wharton, Beebe

    Jesse Roberts, Ph.D., Lead Design Sequence Faculty 

    Allen MacKenzie, Ph.D., Chair

  • Manufacturing & Engineering Technology
    Durable Products Inc.
    • Sponsor: UT Center for Industrial Services and Durable Products Inc
    • Project Team Members: Jake Phillips, Jared Bakely, Jeffery Morales, Nick Iverson
    Jackson Kayak Senior Project
    • Sponsor: UT Center for Industrial Services and Jackson Kayak
    • Project Team Members: Zachary Blackwell, Micah Carty, Alan Rob, Trevor Sheldon, and Emily Shelton
    Iris Plastics: Pressure Monitoring and Warning System
    • Sponsor: UT Center for Industrial Services and Iris Plastics
    • Project Team Members: Matthew Bogle, Emory Koger, Joshua Mays, and Carson Yarbrough
    Royal Oaks Charcoal
    • Sponsor: UT Center for Industrial Services and Royal Oak Enterprises
    • Project Team Members: Blake Brown, Tomas Dean, Jonathan Fesler, Mauricio Munoz, David Reagan
    Hydrogen Electrolysis
    • Sponsor: Transtar Industries
    • Project Team Members: Carter Schunk, Derek Parsley, Hayden Graham, Reed Cass, and Jeremy Roberts
    Coke Crusher: Automating Tennessee Techs’ Coke Crushing Process
    • Sponsor: Manufacturing Engineering Technology Department
    • Project Team Members: David Bradford, Alex Glaza, Jonathan Howard, Chris Simpson, Makaleb Thompson, Simon Bashour
    Cupola Airflow Optimization Project Report
    • Sponsor: Manufacturing Engineering Technology Department
    • Project Team Members: Ethan Arnold, Brian Stevens, Cody Swafford, Raymond Peplow, Sean Fox, and Shady Nabil

    Michael Baswell, Ph.D., Lead Design Sequence Faculty 

    Fred Vondra, Ph.D., Chair 

  • Mechanical Engineering
    3D Printed Aircraft 1
    • Project Team Members: Hunter Belvin, Christopher Collins, Colton Higgins, Tyler Rich

    3D Printed Aircraft 2
    • Project Team Members: Khalid Alzahrani, Seth Casteel, John Dyer, Anthony Shaneyfelt

    Air Force Cargo
    • Sponsor: Air Force
    • Project Team Members: Norberto Domingo, Jacklynn Friesel, Leland Goldston, Ryan Heath, Andrew Holmes, Austin Marler, Miya Scruggs, Jonathan White

    Air Force Tracking
    • Sponsor: Air Force
    • Project Team Members: Gavin Campbell, Shelby Dockery, Austin Downing, Ali Khoshnow, Billy Lian, Eric Ramsey, Devin Roland, Breanna Woosley

    AM Digital Twin
    • Sponsor: Manufacturing and Engineering Technology
    • Project Team Members: Kerolos Gaber, Gabriel Rogers, Jack Sims, Yixing Wang

    • Project Team Members: Hunter Hodge, Collin Ptak, Corey Ross, Craig Bowen, Jacob Foster, Keeton Stakely, Cason Worthy

    Baja 4WD
    • Project Team Members: Mccaw Johnson, Brandon McCarter, Luke Morgan, Benjamin Reid

    Electric Boat
    • Sponsor: American Society of Naval Engineers
    • Project Team Members: Rachel Debaar, Eddie Gaspar, Madelyn Hise, Abby Mink

    Flight Sim
    • Project Team Members: Nicholas Bartlett, Olivia Cline, John Rampy, Abigail Sandman

    Greeting Robot
    • Project Team Members: Eathan Allbert, Tomas Attalla, Marina Ayoub, Sung Kyung Lee, Blake Locke, Zachary Rollins, Jonathan Seals, Abigail Ward

    SAE Aero
    • Project Team Members: Jaymin Patel, Alejandro Pujol Pradillos, Noah Simpson, Mohammed Tawhari, Jared Bennett, Rebecca Burke, Vanessa Hughes, Thomas Osborne

    SAE E Formula
    • Project Team Members: Jacob Burian, Andrew Henson, Jared Jones, Johann Mostella

    Sheep Dog Tracking
    • Sponsor: College of Agriculture and Human Ecology
    • Project Team Members: Lucas Gross, Zachary Lukasiak, Craig Rackley, Warren Sims

    Sheep Feeding System
    • Sponsor: College of Agriculture and Human Ecology
    • Project Team Members: Brandon Reynolds, Patrick Schulte, George Tanas, Shady Beshara, Robert Bond, Noah Montgomery

    Steering Simulator
    • Project Team Members: Andrew Bynum, Samuel Griffin, Nathan Woodard

    Superior Graphite
    • Sponsor: Superior Graphite
    • Project Team Members: Koltar Houser, Patrick Jobman, William McCarty, Hunter Vick

    Vehicle Sim Cockpit
    • Project Team Members: Haleigh Chappell, Jaycie Howell, Walker Hudlow, Haley Smallwood

    Vehicle Sim Sensors
    • Project Team Members: Gabriel Alfaro, Tyler Lowe, William Owens

    Andy Pardue, Ph.D., Lead Design Sequence Faculty  

    Mohan Rao, Ph.D., Chair

What is Capstone?

When you are nearing the end of your undergraduate or graduate program, your advisor will be talking to you about your Capstone Project.  A capstone project is intended to apply all of the knowledge and skills you’ve gained over a college career in one assignment.

Although the projects do showcase your educational accomplishments, they are more about demonstrating that you know how to learn. They are intended to encourage students to use the critical thinking skills they have acquired through their degree programs to solve problems.

Benefits to Students

  • Hands-on experience solving a complex real-world problem in an agile, team environment —skills necessary for success. 
  • Gain necessary exposure to bridge the gap between student and professional. 
  • Gain experience applying engineering knowledge to solve industry problems. 
  • Understand and learn importance of time and budget constraints. 

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