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Alumni, we would like to keep in touch with you and become a bulletin board for you to hear from other alumni. Let us know what is happening in your life: promotions, honors, new job or degree, publications, marriage, birth of child, etc. Also, please let us know your current contact information.

Please e-mail all information you have to Donna Walls at

-ALUMNI- We would like to make you aware of a program, administered through CAREER SERVICES, which would enable you to help MENTOR current Tennessee Tech students. Mentors agree to provide career advice and information about their career fields, graduate and professional schools, and/or other networking opportunities. If you are interested in this opportunity to help Tech students, please contact Lynn Haley in CAREER SERVICES at or 931-372-3163.

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Congratulations to Dr. Janey Smith Camp. She was named President of the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers. Dr. Camp graduated from Tennessee Tech CEE in 2002 with her undergrad degree and again in 2004 with her masters degree. She completed her PhD at Vanderbilt and is on their faculty.

Mr. Gerald Ross. Mr. Gerald Ross, B.S. 1982, has been named Interim Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Transportation by the State Transportation Board. Mr. Ross has spent his entire career at the Georgia DOT. Mr. Ross held positions in the Office of Traffic Operations and the Office of Urban Design before accepting the position of Assistant to the Chief Engineer in 1999. In 2002 he was selected for the position of State Road and Airport Design Engineer. In 2005 he was appointed Division Director of Planning, Data and Intermodal Development and in 2007 he was appointed to the position of Chief Engineer.

Mr. George Kurz. Mr. George Kurz, B.S. 1974, will present 2 sessions at the Water Environment Federation's national specialty conference on collections systems to be held April 19-22 in Louisville, KY. The presentations are "Simple Method for Estimating I/I Using Treatment Plant Flow Monitoring Reports - A Self Help Tool for Operators," and "Method to Verify I/I Reduction to Obtain Moratorium Relief."

Mr. Paul Degges and Ms. Dyan Damron. Mr. Paul Degges, BS 1988, TDOT Chief Engineer, has been named the Government Engineer of the Year at the Middle Tennessee All Engineers Banquet. Ms. Dyan Damron, BS 2002, who works for Neel-Schaffer, was named the Young Engineer of the Year at the banquet. Congratulations to these two graduates.

Rebekah Burnett, PE. BS 2000. Rebekah recently passed the requirements to become a licensed Professional Engineer. Rebekah works for the Bristol, TN office of Thompson & Litton which is an engineering, architectural and surveying firm based in Wise, VA. Rebekah will marry Mr. Stephen Stroupe in March, 2006.

Anita S Heck (BS 1992) and Brad Heck, PE. BS 1992. Brad is the supervisor of Civil & Environmental Engineering for Nashville Electric Service. After working for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Palmer Engineering, and Wiser Company, Anita is currently the full-time domestic engineer for Heck & Company (better known as Emma and Ethan).

Abbie Dement Jones, PE. Abbie married Seth Jones July 16, 2005. They live in Atlanta where Abbie is a Project Engineer and Project Manager and Seth is in doctoral studies in Neuroscience at Emory University.

Abbie Dement. BS 2000. Abbie has been named the Young Engineer of Georgia for 2005. Abbie works for Lowe Engineers, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jeff Hoilman. BS 1993. Jeff has been selected as Engineer of the Year for the Chattanooga Area for 2005. Jeff works for ARCADIS, a consulting firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A.J. Bahou. BS 1993. AJ is currently working in Washington, D.C. as a patent attorney. His engineering degree from Tech gives him a great background to litigate a broad range of patents in various technologies, including spinal implants, formulation of environment-friendly gasoline, and automobile simulators.

Lance Wagner. BS 2000. Lance is currently employed by RMT, Inc. in Nashville. Lance works mainly on industrial and municipal solid waste landfill projects as well as writing reports and contracts for various other environmental concerns. Lance is putting all his engineering skills to work while renovating an old house in east Nashville and the welcome mat is open to Tech Alums. 615-883-5767 - work; 615-228-6121 - home

Tim Huff. BS 1984, MS 1985. Tim is currently employed by TDOT as a Structural Specialist Supervisor II in the Nashville office. Previous to that, he worked for 9 years at Lockheed Martin in Oak Ridge (seismic analysis and evaluation of DOE facilities) and was also self-employed for 4 years while providing free engineering services to developing countries through trips to India, Haiti, the Philippines, and Africa with Engineering Ministries International (, Far East Broadcasting Company (, and Food for the Hungry (

John R. Gordon. BS 1993, MS 1995. John is currently working for Wiser Company in their Birmingham office (201 London Parkway, Suite 100, Birmingham, Al 35211.

Sally White Waldron. BS 1999. Sally earned a Master's degree in Structural Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2001 and is currently an Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech. She married Chris Waldron in January 2002.

Alice L. Cannella (B.S. 1978). Engineer of Distinction 2004. Cannella has a long and distinguished career as an engineer in public service, having held professional positions with TVA, the Hamilton County Government, Fyie Engineering, and the City of Chattanooga. Her area of expertise is in the design, development, construction, and operation of sanitary and combined sewer collection systems. She currently holds the position of Plant Superintendent over the regional wastewater treatment facility servicing the City of Chattanooga, Hamilton County and surrounding communities in the Tennessee-Northwest Georgia area. She has been a dedicated friend to the Tennessee Tech College of Engineering and a exemplary role model for aspiring engineers with an interest in public service. Congratulations.

Ashraf Islam, B.S. 1968 Mr. Islam has been named an Engineer of Distinction for 2002. Mr. Islam received his award at the Engineers' Banquet, February 20, 2002.

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