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Civil & Environmental Engineering

2018 Dissertation & Thesis Abstracts

This page lists M.S. and Ph.D. graduates, their degree, their major professor, and a link to the abstract or dissertation.


Christine Guy-Baker   MS   2018
Developing a Toposwat Model and Water Quality Index Framework for the Karst-Dominant Falling Water River Watershed
De. Tania Datta and Dr. Alfred Kalyanapu

Mamaa Monney  MS    2018
Alternative Methods for Estimating Seasonal Factors and Their Accuracy in Prediction of Annual Average Daily Traffic from Short Period Traffic Counts
Dr. Daniel A. Badoe

Colin Perry  MS    2018
Application of Groebner Bases to Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Rectangular Composite Plates Resting on a Pasternak Foundation
Dr. Jane Liu

Kalie Poston  MS    2018
Parametric Study of Levee Saturation for Undrained Rapid Drawdown Analysis
Dr. Daniel VandenBerge

Emily Reed  MS    2018
Comparison of FEA and Analytical Methods for Determining Stability of a RAP Supported MSE Wall
Dr. Daniel VandenBerge

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