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Chemical Engineering Graduate Program

The Department of Chemical Engineering at Tennessee Tech blends scholarship and research with advanced course work, providing excellent opportunities to graduate students to work towards solving some of the many global challenges faced by society. Our program offers an M.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Engineering with a concentration in Chemical Engineering. The relatively small size of the program and friendly campus atmosphere promote close interaction among students and faculty. Research is sponsored by NSF, DOE, NASA, DOD, and state and private sources among others. As we have been moving to a higher level of research excellence, students are receiving national accolades and some are entering the program with prestigious international fellowships from their governments and/or from international organizations. Faculty members work closely with colleagues in Electrical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, and Manufacturing and Engineering Technology at Tennessee Tech, as well as maintain strong collaboration with Tennessee Tech’s Centers of Excellence and other leading institutions and national laboratories to build a unique and effective environment for graduate student research, learning, and well-rounded training.

Anchored by its very successful Biomolecular Engineering Concentration and  faculty members with expertise in bio-related areas, the program has an excellent focus in Biotechnology (e.g., Protein Engineering, Cancer Research, Proteomics, Biomolecular Medicine, and Bioseparations) with a blend of experimental and computational modeling approaches being pursued. This effort is enhanced by research in Materials, including cement, bio-gels, batteries and fuel cells, at both nano and molecular scales. Research opportunities in Environmental Areas (e.g., Advanced Oxidation and Electrokinetics-based Soil Cleaning, among others) are also available. The department participates in the Advanced Manufacturing and Environmental Proteomics Areas of Strategic Focus of the Tennessee Tech College of Engineering.

The Department also welcomes qualified students with non-chemical engineering undergraduate degrees. As examples, degrees in Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Engineering, and Biochemistry are excellent background preparations to be involved in graduate level research in our department.

Dr. Robby Sanders, Associate Professor, serves as the department's Research and Graduate Program Coordinator.  He will be delighted to entertain a discussion and a visit here to discuss some of the potential opportunities in research and graduate studies in our Department of Chemical Engineering.

More information can be found on the Graduate Studies website.

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