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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Master's Program

Program Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives

  1. Graduates of the MSECE program will have the technical competence to be successful in the chosen area of study in electrical and computer engineering professional practice or research.
  2. Graduates of the MSECE program will have the skills to undertake technically sound analysis independently and present their work at professional meetings or publish their work in scholarly journals.
  3. Graduates of the MSECE program will have the technical competence to successfully undertake further advanced study at the doctoral level in electrical and computer engineering or a related area, and pursue lifelong learning through professional education.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students of the MSECE program at the time of graduation will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate clear understanding of the chosen area of emphasis in electrical and computer engineering covered in course material in the graduate program.
  2. Apply advanced methods in the development of solutions in the chosen area of emphasis in electrical and computer engineering.
  3. Give professional presentation or write scholarly manuscripts worthy of publication in peer reviewed journals.

Five-Year Fast Track BS/MS

The Fast-Track BS-MS five-year program is designed to attract exceptional Tennessee Tech ECE seniors to stay at Tech for one additional year to obtain the MSECE degree. During their senior year, Fast-Track students are permitted to take two 5000 or 6000 level ECE courses, which count both as their BS senior electives and as their first two MSECE courses. They are also able to begin working with an MS faculty research advisors during their senior year, thus getting an early start on their masters research project. Fast-Track students are required to apply for admission to the MSECE program during their senior year in the normal fashion. The summer between the senior and graduate years is devoted to research, and the student takes three classes in each semester of the graduate year. In order to be admitted and to remain in the Fast-Track program, the student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25. Fast-Track students receive normal undergraduate financial aid and tuition during their senior year and a normal graduate teaching or research assistantship and graduate tuition waiver during their graduate (fifth) year. Fast-Track students who do not succeed (B grade or better) in their first two graduate courses during their senior year will be advised to complete their BS degree, and withdraw from the Fast-Track program.

Thesis Option

The thesis option MSECE is recommended for students who are planning a career in corporate or academic research, design, and development and who may pursue a Ph.D. in the future. Intro to Graduate Research (1 credit), eight graduate courses (24 credits), 6 credits of research, an approved thesis, and an oral thesis defense (comprehensive exam) are required for graduation.

Non-thesis Option

The non-thesis option MSECE is recommended for students who desire an industry-oriented degree, and who may be attending school part-time while working. Intro to Graduate Research (1 credit), eleven graduate courses including a design project course (33 credits), and a written final comprehensive exam are required for graduation.


Admission requirements and procedures are on the Graduate Admissions page.

Degree Requirements

See the Graduate Catalog for University, College, Departmental (I), and Departmental (II) requirements.

Procedures and other requirements are at:

The Resources page contains links to additional information, forms, and other policies.

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