Electrical and Computer Engineering

Transfer Student Advising

This information is specific to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering programs. Students interested in other programs should contact the appropriate department.

Transfer students will need to contact Amanda Miller via email at this address:

If you have not yet applied to Tennessee Tech, but have some questions it is a good idea to provide a telephone number with times and days where you can be reached. Include as much information about your situation and plans as possible. State that you have not yet applied to Tennessee Tech.

Before you contact her for the purpose of getting formally advised, do the following:

  1. First, have each and every institution you have attended send your official transcripts directly to Tennessee Tech Admissions Office, not just the last institution you attended. AP credit must be sent directly to Tennessee Tech from the AP organization. Tennessee Tech will not accept credit through secondary sources. For example if you attended Univ. of A and sent “A”’s transcripts to Univ. of B, and Univ. of B was the last institution you attended. Tennessee Tech will not recognize “A”’s grades shown on “B”’s transcripts. You must contact both Univ. of A and Univ. of B and have each of them send official transcripts to Tennessee Tech.
  2. Second, make sure you can log into Eagle Online and see that all your transfer credit has been posted. If you send your information at least 3 weeks before the end of Tennessee Tech’s current term then you can expect a response before the end of the current term. If you wait until after that point in time, then you must wait until ALL transfer credit is showing in Eagle Online (including grades from the end of the current term) before you send your information. For example, the last day of classes at Tennessee Tech for Spring 2022 was April 29, 2022. Any emails received prior to April 8 th would likely be processed before the end of the Spring 2022 semester. Emails received after April 8 th would not be processed before Late Registration Date for Summer 2022 term. Moreover, Spring 2022 grades MUST appear in Eagle Online for email requests received after April 8 th, otherwise your advising request will be deleted. See the Tennessee Tech Academic Calendar for these dates. Do not send the email requesting formal advising until this step has been completed.

Once you have completed the two items above, send an email and include the information listed below. Please respond to all items by item number, e.g. "1. John K. Smith, 931-555-1212, call any time." If an item does not apply, answer "none" or "not applicable."

  1. Your full name and a telephone number with times and days when you can be reached.
  2. Your T-number
  3. Which degree you are seeking, i.e.
    • BSCmpE
    • BSEE
    • BSEE with Mechatronics Concentration
    • BSEE with Vehicle Engineering Concentration
  4. When you intend to begin your studies at Tennessee Tech, such as Fall 2022.
  5. State whether or not the current semester is the first semester you have attended college. Also state whether or not all your transcripts up to the current semester are visible in Eagle Online.
  6. If you are currently taking courses, provide a detailed list including course name, number and title and semester hours of credit. For example:
    • Spring 2022
    • UTC, Math 1920 Calculus II (4)
    • Chatt. State CC, ENGL 1120 English Comp. II (3)
    Use the course name and number from the institution you are attending. Do not give the course name and number of what you think will be the Tennessee Tech course name and number. Some students find it convenient to log into their current institution’s version of Eagle Online and simply cut and paste the information into the email. If you are not currently attending college, be sure and say so. If you are not currently attending college, please state where and when was the last semester you attended college. See above for deadlines to submit current course information.
  7. If after the current semester, you plan to attend college before coming to Tennessee Tech (like during the summer for example), give the same information cited in the point above, or state that you will not be attending college elsewhere. Oftentimes students contact us in February (good idea!) about attending Tennessee Tech in the fall. In that case we needs to know what you are taking during the current spring semester and what you plan to take in the summer semester. Note the deadlines listed above. Please state whether or not you either plan to go to school in the summer, or if you can take courses in the summer. Often, it is desirable to take courses in the summer to catch up in Mathematics.
  8. Do you have plans to take other courses elsewhere after (or during) you begin studies at Tennessee Tech? For example, you might be planning to wait till next summer to take physics from a community college. Or, you might be planning to take some courses online. Give the details or say that you have no such plans.
  9. How many hours you expect to take at Tennessee Tech. Do you have financial aid and/or health insurance that require you to be a full time student (at least 12 hours)? Many students receiving VA benefits must take at least 12 hours and are only allowed to take courses that satisfy degree requirements. Tell whether or not you have that kind of constraint.
  10. Did you receive or will you be receiving an Associates or Bachelor’s degree from another institution? State whether or not it is an “Associate of Applied Science” (AAS) degree as opposed to either an “Associate of Arts” (AA) or “Associate of Science” (AS) degree. Please provide details.
  11. If you intend to pursue courses outside the ones required for the BSEE or BSCmpE. For example, some students want to pursue a business minor. Tell us whether or not that is the case and what the courses are and when you plan to take them.
  12. Did you take American History in High School?

Please add any other information pertinent to advising.

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