Mechatronics Concentration

The Mechatronics Concentration at Tennessee Tech began in the Spring Semester of 2012. Through this program, students enrolling in either Electrical and Computer Engineering or Mechanical Engineering are able to participate in the Mechatronics curriculum program which will lead to a concentration in Mechatronics along with a Bachelor’s of Science in their respective (Electrical or Mechanical) Engineering degree. Mechatronics is the interdisciplinary field of engineering that deals with the design of products whose function relies on the integration of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components connected by a control scheme. Mechatronics is a vital component in modern product design and advanced manufacturing, and these skills are in high demand with employers for engineers from Tennessee Tech. The Tennessee Tech Mechatronics concentration prepares engineers that are familiar with and competent in cutting-edge technology in both mechanical, electrical and computer engineering and are prepared to develop innovative products to address societal needs.

Outcomes for students that participate in this program include the following:

  • Understand the role of mechatronics in product design and manufacturing
  • Be able to obtain and integrate knowledge from various engineering disciplines to achieve a successful solution to complex technical problems.
  • Analyze and design mechanical and electrical subsystems that make up a mechatronic system
  • Be able to engage in a complex project, and perform effectively as team members within an interdisciplinary group
  • Be able to perform multiple levels of data acquisition with signal conditioning
  • Understand the basic architecture of a common commercial microcontrollers and develop embedded-control products with these
  • Be exposed to a wide variety of sensors and actuators and design manufacturing or products based on these.
  • Gain experience creating a engineering system that integrates multiple sensors and actuators, and provides supervisory autonomous control through an embedded micro controller unit

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