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Manufacturing and Engineering Technology

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By supplying graduates with a technical, operational, and managerial education, the Department of Manufacturing and Engineering Technology meets the needs of manufacturing industry. The wide breadth of technical positions in the industry ensures the Manufacturing and Engineering Technology graduate an interesting and challenging career. Most of the MET graduates receive multiple job offers by the time of graduation. This trend is expected to continue, with MET graduates in high demand for many years to come. Traditionally, Tech's MET graduates successfully move through the ranks in industry to top leadership positions. Examples of positions held by manufacturing and Engineering technology graduates include: manufacturing Engineer, Process Engineer, Operations Manager, Industrial Engineer II, Quality Assurance Managers, Plant Managers, Project Managers, Line Supervisors, Project Engineer, Production Management and Control Managers, Quality Control Manager, Maintenance Mangers, Manufacturing Technologists, and Production Planning Analysts. If you have further questions about career opportunities, please consult the Center for Career Development.

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