General Information and Bylaws

The Manufacturing & Engineering Technology Advisory Board (METAB) formed in November 1981 as a result of a recommendation from the National Association of Industrial Technology Accreditation Team. This document was modified after the ATMAE re-accreditation visit on April 2010.


The purpose of the METAB is to create positive collaboration between the Department of Manufacturing and Engineering Technology’s students, faculty and alumni, and regional businesses, industry, government. This relationship can be fostered through understanding, cooperation, and striving for common objectives to improve the quality of the educational program and better serve the employer’s needs.

Board Objectives

General objectives for the METAB were developed by the Department of Manufacturing & Industrial Technology in conjunction with the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) (formerly National Association of Industrial Technology) and are as follows:

  1. Suggest way to improve the overall effectiveness of the degree program.
  2. Aid the department in recruiting good students.
  3. Assist the department in locating possible companies interested in participating in the co-operative education program.
  4. Serve as a mediator between the department and respective industry and encourage industry to employ Manufacturing and Industrial Technology majors as the opportunity arises.
  5. Assist the department in obtaining equipment and other donations from industry.
  6. Act as a link between the department and the MET alumni when surveys are conducted.
  7. Aid the department in locating possible jobs for graduating MET students.
  8. Assist the department in raising funds for special projects or special equipment.
  9. Review and suggest ideas for updating the curriculum and/or department labs.
  10. Aid the chairperson in identifying and locating possible sources for student scholarships for deserving students (currently, Tech’s METAB contribution is voluntarily $100.00 commitment, see attached information sheet).
  11. Suggest ways to bring MET students together with industries they are interested in visiting.
  12. Help identify appropriate skills and attributes needed by our graduates.
  13. Provide input for short range and long-range strategic planning for the department.

Board Membership

The MET Department appreciates very much the commitment of the METAB members to the department and the time and effort they put forth on behalf of the department. The members of the METAB represent a broad spectrum of industries. This diversity brings a mix of viewpoints and perspectives so that any action or recommendation that is endorsed by the METAB is likely to be very invaluable for the program. The board membership is by invitation only from among the following:

  1. Alumni who graduated 5 plus years ago.
  2. Representatives from all or most of the industrial sectors that hire the department’s graduates on full time, coops, or internships basis.
  3. Senior executives, managers, engineers or more recent graduates or junior engineering staff.

The board elects the board officers, Chair and Vice Chair which will become chair. The Vice-Chair's position can be dissolved at any time the board warrants.

All newly elected METAB board members shall commence official duty as of the fall meeting and serve a term of two years, and end after the spring meeting. Prior to the spring meeting of a member’s second year, regular members will be asked if the member wishes to serve another two-years term as a regular member or become an inactive member.

Board members may serve an unlimited number of two-year terms. Vacancies on the board shall be filled, as soon as practical after the vacancy has occurred, by majority vote of the members. If it becomes necessary to remove a METAB member from office for any reason, s/he shall be removed by a majority vote of the MITAB members. If a member misses 3 consecutive meetings without making contact s/he is moved to the inactive list and then at the end of his/her term removed from the list all together.

Board Meeting

The board meets twice per calendar year. Meeting agenda include issues such as student scholarships, fundraising methods, accreditation and departmental updates. Also, presentations by new board members, the election of officers (Chair/Vice-Chair) and a student forum (spring meeting) are part of the METAB general itinerary. The board chair follows the Parliamentary Procedure (Roberts Rules) in order to enable members to take care of business in an efficient and effective manner and to maintain order while business is conducted.

Attachments: The Board's membership listing and student scholarship information are attached.




  1. To give substance to METAB's support of higher education and
  2. To provide scholarship funds to be used toward the expenses incurred in pursuing an undergraduate college degree in Manufacturing and Engineering Technology at Tennessee Technological University.


Includes all freshman and sophomores currently in the MET program with no more than 67 semester hours


Scholarships will be awarded each year. As funds are available METAB will provide a maximum of $1,500 per academic year for undergraduate student(s) who attend(s) Tennessee Tech University in pursuit of a four (4) year Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology degree.


The student awarded the scholarship must presently be enrolled in the Manufacturing and Industrial Technology Department and be in good standing with the university.


A notice outlining the program is to be placed on the department web page in August of each year for the funding. Interested students will apply on line using ScholarWeb

The application must be completed and submitted by the dead line designated by Tech’s scholarship office of the applicant's freshman/sophomore year. An independent selection will be made on the following weighted considerations:

  • 70% Overall Grade Point Average
  • 10% Involvement in Professional society, i.e., AFS, EJC, EPT, SAE, SME, or Co-op Education.
  • 20% Subjective interview by scholarship committee covering attitude, maturity, purpose and goals.

Final selection will be made at the Fall METAB meeting. A committee consisting of the departmental faculty and the chair of the METAB advisory board or his/her degree will select the nominee(s).


Financial support for this program will be based upon donations from the METAB members. Annual support of the program will be determined at the spring meeting by vote of the METAB members. A "yes" vote must pass with a 75% margin for the program to be supported by the members. The majority will be by proxy vote. Donations will be handled by the departmental chairperson with the chairperson reporting the financial status of the accounting of each METAB meeting.


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