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MoLE-SI ( Mobile Learning Environment and Systems Infrastructure ) has been active in the College of Engineering since 2009 and it's currently maintained by Marbin Pazos-Revilla, the Technology Specialist for the College of Engineering, in close collaboration with ITS. MoLE-SI has shown to impact students’ active learning abilities when it is used integrated with the instruction, since it facilitates a mobile, dynamic, and collaborative learning environment, where engineering software can be accessed on-demand via a wide variety of portable devices.

The College of Engineering (CoE) coordinated a collaborative effort with other colleges including the College of Education and the College of Business, as well as other departments within the CoE in order to test and expand the use of this new innovative instruction model, as it is depicted in the figure below. This innovative and collaborative multi-college effort resulted in the funding of the MoLE-SI III phase that provided substantial back-end infrastructure improvements.

Today, MoLE-SI can be seen in use across majors in the College of Engineering, in the dorms, in the classroom, in computer labs, at home or even abroad; students benefit from it, providing them real-time access to the latest engineering tools.

MoLE-SI structure graphic


MoLE-SI in Engineering Education

MoLE-SI Initial 2009 Proposal

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