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Wireless Power

QWiCPower Transfer:Quasi-Wireless Capacitive Power and Its Applications

Dr. Charles Van Neste on a wirelessly charged scooter

Wireless Scooter


The operation of our wireless surface power technique is based on the generation of standing waves inside a receiver which confines the energy within the system. When a low voltage signal is placed on a surface and at the frequency of the receiver, a standing wave is created inside the receiver which transfers power to the load. The transmitted efficiency is high (80-95%) over the entire area of the surface. With only a single terminal from a power supply used, the electrical safety is greatly increased. Liquid spills on the surface do not pose any threat of electrocution.

Power through the earth was shown to be efficient (80% in a 6ft radius) with a promising possibility to scale both range and power of the system. More basic research is needed to bring this technique to full fruition.