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International Collaboration

Indo-US Exchange program

With a grant from the Obama-Singh 21 st Century knowledge Initiative Award, Annamalai University, India has started a faculty and student exchange program with Tennessee Technological University. Annamalai University received the grant for its proposal: Tamil Nadu Energy Futures – Mapping Uncertainties and Risks. The objectives of the grant are:

  1. Through an MS program, train to evaluate, design and integrate solar and wind power into grid and simulate power system with solar and wind power.
  2. Study power grid in the region and identify potential research problems
  3. Study the suitability of installation of smart meters and assess its usefulness in the supply of reliable power

Period: August 2013 – June 2016

The activities to be undertaken are:

Proposed Activities:

  1. Start an MS program in Electrical Energy
  2. Arrange exchange visits by faculty, administrators and graduate students of both the universities
  3. Organize a workshop
  4. Organize an International conference

As part of the above program the first batch of one faculty member Dr. S. Ganapathy and three graduate students (C.K. Murugan, D. Kalaichelvi and R. Hiemaja) are in Tennessee Tech during Fall 2013 semester. These students and faculty member work with TTU faculty members Dr. Rabie Belkacemi, Dr. Joseph Ojo and Dr. Ghadir Radman. Dr. Ganapathy also made two technical presentations on Load frequency control and AI based optimization techniques for faculty and graduate In addition to academic activities, the visitors also visited the Schneider Electric Solar farm, Nashville Electric utility Control room and Cookeville Electric distribution system. Additionally they also visited natural beauties of upper Cumberland and enjoyed the fall color changes. They also got exposure to southern hospitality and culture of USA while exchanging the culture and heritage of India with US audience.

Farewell Reception Photos Dec 2013

We will miss our student visitors; Ms. Sai Lakshmi Surya Ramanan, Ms. Vandarkuzhali Ramanujam, and Ms. Sudha Vedhanayagam from Annamalai University. Click Here to see more pictures of their farewell reception from April 29th 2016 and their final report presentations.