Center for Energy Systems Research

Solar Assist
FREE Technical Assistance with Solar Assessment and other Energy Needs on the Upper Cumberland

Sponsored in part by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Tennessee Tech’s Center for Energy System’s Research has started a service outreach to farms and businesses in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. 

This service outreach is made possible in part by a grant from the USDA.

How to use this service
Utilizing our contact information express an interest in getting help from us.  After a conversation a questionnaire will be sent to you.  After filling out the questionnaire and returning it will contact you with any follow up questions and schedule a site visit.  Reports and follow up visits might also be necessary to resolve any outstanding questions.

The Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee


The primary service offered is determine by solar survey and other tools the suitability of a proposed spot for solar power.

  • Potential amount of electrical energy (units) that can be generated
  • Potential savings ($)
  • Potential revenue ($) if electricity is fed back in to the grid
  • Estimation of installation cost
  • Availability of discounts and subsidies from the federal/ state governments
  • Actual Solar Radiation w/ & w/o shading (kw/m2/day)
  • Actual AC Energy w/ & w/o shading (KWH)
  • PV-Watts Unshaded % Actual site
  • Actual/Ideal site Efficiency %
  • Total Solar Resource Fraction (TSRF)

Other Services

Power reduction through lighting assessment.

Inverter specification – Inverter size and type can be recommended.

Protection – Utilizing in-house expertise in smart metering and protection a strategy can be recommended.

Isolated solar station for pumping water.

Chicken coops and other animal habitats need to be warmed in cold winter months and solar heating can meet this need.

Misc.  – With an entire College of Engineering to draw upon, specific expertise can be found and harnessed to address end recipient’s specific technical assistance needs.

Contact Us
Robert Craven
Tennessee Tech University
1020 Stadium Drive, PRSC 233, Box5032 CESR
Cookeville TN 38505
931 372 3487