Center for Energy Systems Research



In 1985 the State of Tennessee established the Center for Electric Power in the College of Engineering at Tennessee Technological University to promote research as academic opportunities in the electric power area. It was one of the twenty centers of excellence established by the Governor Alexander Administration. In 1989, based on its accomplishments, the Center was designated as an Accomplished Center. To reflect the broadening areas of its activities, the Center was renamed as the Center for Energy Systems Research (CESR). Over the years several funding agencies have sponsored projects. These include 20 major electric utilities, EPRI and Federal Agencies such as DOE, NASA, NSF, and ONR. In addition, several other industries have sponsored research projects.

The Center draws upon the expertise from the Engineering College faculty as well as from other faculty on campus. Participating faculty and faculty associates represent Chemical and Bio-Molecular Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering. During the past 28 years, more than 25 million dollars of external funding has been generated. The graphics in the following page provides more info on this. Also - 392 MS and 101 PhD graduates have been produced and they work in many energy companies and utilities throughout USA.

Also a number of laboratories to support the research in the energy and infrastructure area have been developed.