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Smart Manufacturing Graduate Study Opportunity

Facing increasing global competition in manufacturing, American manufacturing stands at a critical point. Driven by the convergence of manufacturing with cutting-edge ICT (Information and Communications Technology) technologies, a new wave of industrial revolution based on Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) is emerging. To keep up with this global trend, more research and educational efforts are necessary. CMR as a state sponsored research institute encourages diverse types of research initiatives. Part of the efforts aligned with CMR’s vision is to offer more graduate study opportunities on smart manufacturing (see open opportunity described below).

Graduate Study Opportunity. Advisors: Dr. Terry N. Guo and Dr. Syed Rafay Hasan. Research direction: Smart Manufacturing. Candidates can choose one or two subareas in the theme of smart manufacturing: • Industrial Control System (ICS) Security • Monitoring of Machinery Condition and Manufacturing Process • Big Data Analytics in Smart Manufacturing • Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Edge Level for Smart Manufacturing • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) • Tactile Communication Networks for Distributed Manufacturing • Secure Embedded Intelligence for Manufacturing • Robotic and Unmanned Vehicle Systems Security

Applicants are expected to be well-versed in circuits, signal and systems, data processing algorithms as well as a programming language (e.g. C, C++, Java, Python, etc). Knowledge of deep learning and/or artificial intelligence is desirable, and hands on experience with one of the following platforms is a big plus: Caffe or Tensor Flow. There is possibility of full scholarship, depending upon the qualification of the candidate. Preferable Starting Date: Spring 2019. If you are interested please send your resume to

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3D Microscopy Services Available

A recent addition to the CMR laboratories is the Zygo NewView 6300 3D Microscope. This equipment can be used for surface profiling, surface roughness testing and step height measurement, among other applications. TTU researchers may use this equipment free of charge. External clients may contact Michelle Davis at or 931-372-6386 for more information.

NewView 6300 3D Microscope Specifications