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Center for Manufacturing Research

The Center for Manufacturing Research (CMR) strives to accommodate the needs of all manufacturers, no matter the size or project requirement. Following are descriptions of the several types of partnerships available to outside organizations.

Externally Funded Projects

Externally funded projects offer organizations outside the academic community the ability to request and receive access to specific, detailed research equipment and experienced personnel. These projects frequently require interdisciplinary collaborations, bringing together faculty and staff from several departments and colleges. The process of establishing a project involves, first, ascertaining the vital requirements of the external organization. This is followed by a proposal from the CMR outlining the time frame, finances, equipment and personnel that will be essential to successfully completing a company’s custom research needs. Finally, after negotiation of a contract of services and deliverables, a Purchase Order is issued by the company for the project.


The Center’s own facilities, combined with access to academic resources and personnel from other departments and colleges, make it possible to provide a wide variety of testing services to companies throughout the state. CMR possesses the expertise to perform testing projects in all areas listed under the Strategic Foci; however, specific testing needs can be tailored to a variety of organizational needs. In those instances where it is determined that testing needs are more intensive or frequent, the industry participant may decide to take advantage of an Equipment Affiliateship for Testing Services. This allows for discounts of equipment usage when a lump sum payment is made in advance.

Limited Faculty Consulting

In collaboration with the University of Tennessee's Center for Industrial Services (UT-CIS), the CMR identifies faculty consultants with expertise appropriately matched to solve pressing industrial needs. In many cases these shot-term consulting opportunities are available at limited expense or free to the client. For more information contact your area UT-CIS field agent.

Centers of Excellence Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program available in each Center of Excellence provides business and industry the opportunity to participate in research and development (R&D) activities annually. The program is primarily designed to give organizations ready access to high quality R&D work. Affiliates receive the benefits associated with a full-time R&D program while making a small investment of resources.