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IAC Students

Industrial Assessment Centers train the next generation of energy savvy engineers, more than 60 percent of whom pursue energy-related careers upon graduation. Nationally, each year about 300 engineering students at IACs receive hands-on assessment training at operating industrial facilities and gain substantial experience performing evaluations of industrial processes and energy systems.

Alumni report that the training sets them apart in the job market and employers report that they seek out IAC graduates. IAC students graduate with the skills and abilities to conduct energy, waste, and productivity assessments, use instrumentation and diagnostic equipment, work safely in an industrial environment, and communicate successfully through written reports and presentations to clients. These skills, which can only be gained through real-world experience, make IAC graduates highly attractive to employers.

IAC Director and Students
Two IAC students collecting data

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To apply to be an IAC student at TTU, you must be a student in good standing, be at least a sophomore-level undergraduate or a graduate student, have an engineering major, and be willing to commit to at least six assessments. For more information contact Michelle Davis, 931-372-6386 or