College of Engineering

Brown-Henderson Outstanding Engineering Faculty Award Recipients

First awarded in 1984, the Brown-Henderson award honors outstanding performance in teaching and research or service and carries the names of Engineering Dean Emeritus James Seay Brown and James Henderson, the college's first dean.

1984 Paul Bonner Civil Engineering
1985 Edwin Griggs Mechanical Engineering
1986 Carl Ventrice Electrical Engineering
1987 Seiichi Fujita Industrial Engineering
1988 Kenneth Purdy Mechanical Engineering
1989 Dallas Smith Civil Engineering
1990 David Yarbrough Chemical Engineering
1991 Joe Scardina Mechanical Engineering
1992 Noel Tolbert Civil Engineering
1993 John A. Gordon Civil Engineering
1994 Dick Houghton Mechanical Engineering
1995 Ali Alouani Electrical Engineering
1996 Sastry Munukutla Mechanical Engineering
1997 Jon McDearman Electrical Engineering
1998 L. K. Crouch Civil Engineering
1999 John Peddieson Mechanical Engineering
2000 George R. Buchanan Civil Engineering
2001 S. Deivanayagam Industrial Engineering
2002 Steve Idem Mechanical Engineering
2003 Satish Mahajan Electrical and Computer Engineering
2004 Edwin I. Griggs Mechanical Engineering
2005 Stephen L. Canfield Mechanical Engineering
2006 Donald P. Visco, Jr. Chemical Engineering
2007 Joseph Biernacki Chemical Engineering
2008 Pedro Arce Chemical Engineering
2009 Xiaoming (Sharon) Huo Civil Engineering
2010 David W. Elizandro Industrial Engineering
2011 Ismail Fidan Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering
2012 Sastry Munukutla Mechanical Engineering
2013 Holly Stretz Chemical Engineering
2014 No Award Given
2015 No Award Given
2016 No Award Given
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