College of Engineering

Leighton E. Sissom Innovation and Creativity Award Recipients

1993 David A. Walker Mechanical Engineering
1998 W. D. Holland Chemical Engineering
1999 R. Craig Henderson Civil Engineering
2000 Jeffrey L. Frolik Electrical Engineering
2000 Stephen L. Canfield Mechanical Engineering
2001 Kenneth W. Hunter Basic Engineering
2002 Roger L. Haggard Electrical Engineering
2002 Joseph J. Biernacki Chemical Engineering
2002 Glenn Cunningham Mechanical Engineering
2002 Jeffrey L. Frolik Electrical Engineering
2002 Satish Mahajan Electrical Engineering
2003 Darrell E. P. Hoy Mechanical Engineering
2004 Ismail Fidan Industrial Technology
2005 Pedro Arce Chemical Engineering
2006 Donald P. Visco, Jr. Chemical Engineering
2007 David Ballard Mechanical Engineering
2008 No Award Made
2009 Justin Stacy Mechanical Engineering
2010 Mohamed A. Abdelrahman Electrical Engineering
2010 Stephen L. Canfield Mechanical Engineering
2011 No Award Made
2012 Pedro Arce Chemical Engineering
2012 Marbin Pazos-Revilla College of Engineering - ITS
2012 Becky Asher Chemical Engineering
2012 Joe Biernacki Chemical Engineering
2012 Eric Brown Computer Science
2012 Kenneth Wiant Economics, Finance, Marketing
2013 Ismail Fidan Manufacturing & Engineering Technology
2014 Adam Anderson

Electrical and Computer Engineering

2015 Jiahong Zhu Mechanical Engineering
2016 Jason Witman Mechanical Engineering
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