Faculty Areas of Expertise

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Daniel A. Badoe


    P: (931) 372-3490

    E: dbadoe@tntech.edu

    Urban travel demand modeling • Transportation data collection • Travel behavior analysis

  • Steven Click

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-6464

    E: sclick@tntech.edu

    Traffic signal design, timing, operations, and analysis • Traffic signal system design, timing, operations, and analysis • Non-traditional intersection design, operations, and analysis • Non-traditional interchange design, operations, and analysis • Highway traffic simulation modeling

  • L. K. Crouch


    P: (931) 372-3196

    E: lcrouch@tntech.edu

    Construction materials • Aggregates • Portland cement concrete • flowable fill • Bituminous materials.

  • Tania Datta

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3446

    E: tdatta@tntech.edu

    Biological Wastewater Treatment Process and Design • Applied Environmental Microbiology • Water Quality/Watershed Management • Bioenergy Production through Anaerobic Processes • Low-Cost Technologies for Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries.

  • Craig Henderson


    P: (931) 372-3062

    E: chenderson@tntech.edu

    Masonry, concrete and steel testing and design • Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering • Computational structural modeling

  • Tim Huff

    Assistant Professor

    P: (931) 372-3605

    E: thuff@tntech.edu

    Earthquake engineering • Seismic design of structures • Ground motion selection and modification for structural analysis • Nonlinear analysis of structures in practice • Seismic isolation • Bridge design

  • Sharon Huo

    Associate Provost and Professor

    P: (931) 372-3463

    E: xhuo@tntech.edu

    Structural analysis • Reinforced concrete design • Prestressed concrete design • Structural steel design • Bridge design

  • Alfred Kalyanapu

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3561

    E: akalyanapu@tntech.edu

    Climate impacts • Computational hydraulics and Hydrology • Hydraulic/hydrologic modeling urban water management • Regional scale flood modeling and simulation

  • Jane Liu


    P: (931) 372-3256

    E: jliu@tntech.edu

    Composite materials • Vibration analysis, plates & shells • Computational mechanics symbolic computer systems in engr. applications • Computational algebraic geometry in nonlinear structural analysis

  • Benjamin Mohr

    Chair and Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3454

    E: bmohr@tntech.edu

    Durability, microstructure, and chemistry of cement-based materials • Early-age behavior of cement and concrete • Fiber-reinforced concrete • Supplementary cementitious materials

  • Jessica Oswalt

    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the College of Engineering and Professor

    P: (931) 372-3782

    E: joswalt@tntech.edu

    Engineering management including engineering economics • Project management • Process improvement • Systems modeling

  • Francis Otuonye

    Professor and Associate VP of Research

    P: (931) 372-3374

    E: fotuonye@tntech.edu

    Geotechnical engineering • Mining engineering • Health and safety impacts

  • Guillermo Ramirez

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3261

    E: gramirez@tntech.edu

    Theoretical and computational mechanics • Mathematical formulation and corresponding computer implementation to describe the electro-mechanical behavior of solids under different types of environments

  • Daniel VandenBerge

    Assistant Professor

    P: (931) 372-3257

    E: dvandenberge@tntech.edu

    Rapid drawdown analysis • Behavior of compacted clays • Fully softened shear strength • Levee seepage • Dam failures • Geotechnical reliability analyses • Sustainable earth structures • Engineering education

  • Lenly Weathers

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3539

    E: lweathers@tntech.edu

    Transport of pollutants in the environment • Transformation of chlorinated compounds • Oxidized metals and other pollutants in anaerobic environments in the presence of metallic iron

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