Faculty Areas of Expertise

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Daniel A. Badoe

    Professor, Transportation Engineering

    Research Interests: Urban travel demand modeling; transportation data collection; travel behavior analysis.

    931-372-3490 | dbadoe@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 434 | Profile

  • Steven Click

    Associate Professor, Transportation Engineering

    Research Interests: Traffic signal design; timing; operations; and analysis; traffic signal system design; timing; operations; and analysis; non-traditional intersection design; operations; and analysis; non-traditional interchange design; operations; and analysis; highway traffic simulation modeling.

    931-372-6464 | sclick@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 350 | Profile

  • L. K. Crouch

    Professor, Construction Materials

    Research Interests: Construction materials; aggregates; portland cement concrete; flowable fill; bituminous materials.

    931-372-3196 | lcrouch@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 316 | Profile

  • Tania Datta

    Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering

    Research Interests: Biological Wastewater Treatment Process and Design; Urban Water Quality Management; Environmental Microbiology; Bioenergy Production through Anaerobic Processes; Resource Recovery from Organic Waste Streams; Sustainable Decision Making; Role of Microorganisms in Natural Aquatic Ecosystems; Developing Low-Cost Technologies for Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries.

    931-372-3446 | tdatta@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 333 | Profile

  • Craig Henderson

    Professor, Structural Engineering

    Research Interests: Masonry; concrete and steel testing and design; structural dynamics and earthquake engineering; computational structural modeling.

    931-372-3062 | chenderson@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 417 | Profile

  • Tim Huff

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Earthquake engineering; seismic design of structures; ground motion selection and modification for structural analysis; nonlinear analysis of structures in practice; seismic isolation; bridge design.

    931-372-3605 | thuff@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 424 | Profile

  • Sharon Huo

    Associate Provost, Professor of Structural Engineering

    Research Interests: Structural analysis; reinforced concrete design; prestressed concrete design; structural steel design; bridge design.

    931-372-3463 | xhuo@tntech.edu | Derryberry Hall (DBRY) 204 | Profile

  • Alfred Kalyanapu

    Associate Professor, Water Resources

    Research Interests: Climate impacts; computational hydraulics and hydrology; hydraulic/hydrologic modeling urban water management; regional scale flood modeling and simulation.

    931-372-3561 | akalyanapu@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 334 | Profile

  • Jane Liu

    Professor, Structural Mechanics

    Research Interests: Composite materials; vibration analysis; plates & shells; computational mechanics symbolic computer systems in engineering applications; computational algebraic geometry in nonlinear structural analysis.

    931-372-3256 | jliu@tntech.edu | Prescott Hal (PRSC) l 432 | Profile

  • Benjamin Mohr

    Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Associate Professor of Construction Materials

    Research Interests: Durability; microstructure; and chemistry of cement-based materials; early-age behavior of cement and concrete; fiber-reinforced concrete; supplementary cementitious materials.

    931-372-3454 | bmohr@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 216 | Profile

  • Guillermo Ramirez

    Associate Professor, Structural Mechanics

    Research Interests: Theoretical and computational mechanics; mathematical formulation and corresponding computer implementation to describe the electro-mechanical behavior of solids under different types of environments.

    931-372-3261 | gramirez@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 415 | Profile

  • Daniel VandenBerge

    Associate Professor, Geotechnical Engineering

    Research Interests: Rapid drawdown analysis; behavior of compacted clays; fully softened shear strength; levee seepage; dam failures; geotechnical reliability analyses; sustainable earth structures; engineering education.

    931-372-3257 | dvandenberge@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 332 | Profile

  • Lenly Weathers

    Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering

    Research Interests: Transport of pollutants in the environment; transformation of chlorinated compounds; oxidized metals and other pollutants in anaerobic environments in the presence of metallic iron.

    931-372-6539 | lweathers@tntech.edu | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 339 | Profile

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