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Faculty Areas of Expertise

Chemical Engineering

  • Pedro Arce

    University Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Professor of Chemical Engineering

    Research Interests: Nanostructured materials-with functional performance; micro- and nano-flows in biophysical systems; environmental catalysis; engineering education.

    931-372-3297 | | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 207 | Profile

  • Laura H. Arias Chavez

    Laura H. Arias Chavez, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Improving sustainability at the water- energy nexus; fabrication and characterization of polymeric membranes; fabrication strategies for improving membrane fouling resistance and selectivity. 

    931-372-3678 | | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 309 | Profile

  • Joseph J. Biernacki

    University Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Professor of Chemical Engineering

    Research Interests: Modeling of multi-scale materials systems composite concrete systems.

    931-372-3667 | | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 312 | Profile | Website

  • Bahman Ghorashi

    Professor of Chemical Engineering

    Research Interests: Agile manufacturing; rheology and non-newtonian fluid flow; blockchain technology and its applications in chemical industry; m2m communication and logistics; leadership in higher.

    931-372-6921 | | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 422 | Profile

  • Robby Sanders

    Interim Chair of Chemical Engineering; Associate Professor 

    Research Interests: Bio-assay development; drug delivery; wound healing.

    931-372-3494 |  | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 311 | Profile

  • Holly Stretz

    Professor Emeritus

    Research Interests: Interfaces in 3-D printing; high-throughput on demand manufacturing of pharmaceuticals; nanomaterials as sensors; nanocomposite water treatment membranes; expertise in polymer nanocomposites.

    931-372-3495 | | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 210 | Profile

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