Faculty Areas of Expertise

Chemical Engineering

  • Pedro Arce

    Chair and Professor

    P: (931) 372-3267

    E: parce@tntech.edu

    Nanostructured materials-With Functional Performance (Health Care Engineering Applications: Hydrogels for clinical diagnostics, wound healing, math-assisted medicine, tissue scaffolds and assisted drug delivery) • Micro- and Nano-flows in Biophysical Systems (Microcirculatory and renal system pathologies, arterial stenosis, kidney failure, etc.) • Environmental catalysis (Advanced oxidation in water, soil and air; photocatalytic clean energy production, electrokinetics-based remediation; battery and fuel cell materials) • Engineering education: (collaborative-, creative- and innovation-driven learning; constructionistic approaches)

  • Laura H. Arias Chavez

    Assistant Professor

    P: (931) 372-3678

    E: lchavez@tntech.edu

    Improving sustainability at the water- energy nexus, especially through the use of membrane technologies. • Fabrication and characterization of polymeric membranes for reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, and filtration processes. • New fabrication strategies for improving membrane fouling resistance and selectivity. • Development and evaluation of applications in desalination and the recovery of materials and energy from 'waste' water and other non-traditional resources. • Experimental (wet chemistry) work and process-level modelling.

  • Joseph J. Biernacki


    P: (931) 372-3667

    E: jbiernacki@tntech.edu

    Modeling of multi-scale materials systems composite concrete systems

  • Bahman Ghorashi


    P: (931) 372-3224

    E: bghorashi@tntech.edu

    Agile Manufacturing • Rheology and non-Newtonian fluid flow • Blockchain Technology and its applications in chemical industry • M2M communication and logistics • Leadership in Higher Education

  • Stephanie Jorgensen


    P: (931) 372-3666

    E: sjorgensen@tntech.edu

    WOUND HEALING: Development of modified early-phase wound environments • Experimental and analytical modeling of drug delivery and transport through early-phase wound environments • Skin-on-a-Chip

  • Venkat Padmanabhan

    Assistant Professor

    P: (931) 372-3606

    E: vpadmanabhan@tntech.edu

    Polymer membranes for gas separation • Thermo-mechanical and flow properties of polymer nanocomposites • Materials for energy storage and transfer

  • Cynthia A. Rice

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-6059

    E: crice@tntech.edu

    Polymer electrolyte fuel cells: electrocatalysis, mass transport materials, durability/performance, and diagnostics.

  • Robby Sanders

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-2494

    E: rsanders@tntech.edu

    Bio-assay development • Drug delivery • Wound healing

  • Holly Stretz


    P: (931) 372-3459

    E: hstretz@tntech.edu

    Research program in interfaces in 3-D printing • High-throughput on demand manufacturing of pharmaceuticals • Nanomaterials as sensors • Nanocomposite water treatment membranes • Expertise in polymer nanocomposites

  • Liqun (Laura) Zhang

    Assistant Professor

    P: (931) 372-3474

    E: lzhang@tntech.edu

    Molecular simulation on biomass modified asphalt, warm mix asphalt • Simulations and modeling on structure and dynamics of human beta defensin type 3 • Interaction with lipid membranes and receptors

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