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Faculty Areas of Expertise

Computer Science

  • William (Bill) Eberle


    Research Interests: Data mining; graph-based anomaly detection; and fraud detection.

    931-372-3278 | | Bruner Hall (BRUN) 235 | Profile Webpage

  • David Elizandro


    P: (931) 372-3386


    Institutional leadership; strategic planning; systems integration and effectiveness.

  • Gerald Gannod

    Chair of Computer Science; Professor

    Research Interest: Software engineering; agile software development; agile instruction; enterprise computing; mobile computing; data science; analytics; and machine learning.

    931-372-3691 | | Bruner Hall (BRUN) 238 | Profile | Website

  • Sheikh Ghafoor


    Research Interests: Parallel and distributed computing; high performance computing; programming model for heterogeneous high-performance computing environment.

    931-372-3687 | | Bruner Hall (BRUN) 429 | Profile

  • Maanak Gupta

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Foundational cyber and computer security; access control models; formal analysis; secure cyber physical systems; smart and connected cars; internet of things; ai and machine learning assisted security solutions; malware clustering and classification.

    931-372-3525 | | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 408 | Profile Website

  • Muhammad Ismail

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Cyber-physical security; networking; smart grids; blockchain; resource allocation; machine learning; optimization; stochastic modeling.

    931-372-6287 | | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 409 | Profile

  • Michael Rogers

    Associate Professor

    Research Interests: GPGPU computing; distributed computing; distributed shared memory; operating systems; and network protocols.

    931-372-6304 | | Bruner Hall (BRUN) 427 | Profile

  • Amabreen Siraj

    Professor (On Leave of Absence)

    Research Interest: Network security; security in smart grids; and security education. | Profile

  • Susmit Shannigrahi

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Computer networks; future internet architectures; networking Internet of Things (IoT) devices; future mobile communications.

    931-372-6259 | | Bruner Hall (BRUN) 331 | Profile Website

  • Doug Talbert

    Associate Chair for Computer Science; Professor

    Research Interest: Machine learning; data mining; medical informatics; and usability.

    931-372-6178 | | Bruner Hall (BRUN) 234 | Profile

  • Denis Ulybyshev

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Data privacy; web security; information retrieval; industrial control systems and SCADA systems, blockchain-based technologies; machine learning.

    931-372-6127 | | Prescott Hall (PRSC) 406 | Profile | Website

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