Faculty Areas of Expertise

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Ali T. Alouani


    P: (931) 372-3383

    E: aalouani@tntech.edu

    Autonomous Robots, Internet of Things (IoT), Driverless Vehicle, Intelligent Control systems, Mechatronics systems, Health Monitoring, learning systems, sensor data fusion.

  • Salim Alsharif


    P: (931) 372-6403

    E: salsharif@tntech.edu

    Digital Systems, Signal Processing, Wireless Communications/Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Network Performance and Reliability, Pattern Recognition.

  • Jeffrey R. Austen

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3485

    E: jausten@tntech.edu

    Signal processing • Communication systems

  • Mike Baswell


    P: (931) 372-6156

    E: mbaswell@tntech.edu

    Programmable Logic Controller • Control Systems • Battery Voltage Regulation

  • Rabie Belkacemi

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3626

    E: rbelkacemi@tntech.edu

    Smart grid (power and energy systems)

  • Indranil Bhattacharya

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3352

    E: ibhattacharya@tntech.edu

    High-Efficiency Solar Cells • High-Energy-Density Sodium and Lithium-ion Batteries • Wireless Power Transfer • Semiconductor Electronics • Photonics and Optics • Electromagnetics.

  • J. W. Bruce

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3453

    E: jwbruce@tntech.edu

    Data converter architectures • Embedded and cyber-physical systems design • Quantum computing logic systems • Integration of unmanned aerial vehicles in the national airspace • Engineering education

  • Lori Bruce

    Professor, Provost, and VP of Academic Affairs

    P: (931) 372-3224

    E: lbruce@tntech.edu

    Remote sensing • Image analysis • Artificial intelligence • Data analytics • Hyperspectral imaging and precision agriculture

  • Charles Carnal


    P: (931) 372-3858

    E: charleslc@tntech.edu

    Statistical signal analysis

  • Mostafa Fouda

    Post-Doctoral Research Associate

    P: (931) 372-3450

    E: mfouda@tntech.edu

    Cyber Security • Wireless Networks • Deep Learning, Blockchain • IoT • Smart Grid

  • Syed Hasan

    Associate Professor

    P: (931) 372-3462

    E: shasan@tntech.edu

    Artificial Intelligence for Edge Computing • Edge Intelligence • Security Threats in Deep Learning Architectures • Internet of Things' • Vulnerabilities against Hardware Based Attacks • Machine Learning Algorithms on Hardware

  • Wayne Johnson


    P: (931) 372-3460

    E: wjohnson@tntech.edu

    Electronics Manufacturing • Extreme Environment Electronics

  • Allen MacKenzie

    Chair and Professor

    P: (931) 372-3397

    E: amackenzie@tntech.edu

    Wireless Communications and Networking • Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems and Spectrum Policy • Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Networks • Applications of Game Theory and Auction Theory • Error Control Coding

  • Satish Mahajan

    Professor and Director of Center for Energy Systems Research

    P: (931) 372-3760

    E: smahajan@tntech.edu

    Optoelectronics (Lasers; Solar Cells; Optical Fibers) • Electromagnetics • Wireless Charging of EVs • Sensors • Renewable Energy

  • Mohamed Mahmoud

    Assistant Professor

    P: (931) 372-3677

    E: mmahmoud@tntech.edu

    Security & Privacy in Smart Grid, Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET), and Cloud Applications. • Secure/privacy-preserving Machine learning Models. • Blockchain • Cryptography and machine learning.

  • Joseph O. Ojo


    P: (931) 372-3869

    E: jojo@tntech.edu

    Electric machine analysis and design • Adjustable • Speed motor drives • Power electronic convertors • Control theory applied to power electronics and power systems, power systems economics and deregulation issues

  • Ghadir Radman


    P: (931) 372-3520

    E: gradman@tntech.edu

    Smart grid • Integration of renewable energy sources • Power system operation/control

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