Faculty Areas of Expertise

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Ali T. Alouani


    Research Interest: Autonomous robots, Internet of Things (IoT), driverless vehicle, intelligent control systems, mechatronics systems, health monitoring, learning systems, sensor data fusion.

    931-372-3383 | | Brown Hall 333 | Profile | Website

  • Jeffrey R. Austen

    Associate Professor

    Research Interest: Signal processing; communication systems.

    (931)372-3485 | | Prescott Hall 440 | Profile

  • Indranil Bhattacharya


    Research Interest: High-efficiency solar cells; high-energy-density sodium and lithium-ion batteries; wireless power transfer; semiconductor electronics; photonics and optics; electromagnetics.

    931-372-3352 | | Prescott Hall 440A | Profile | Website

  • J. W. Bruce


    Research Interest: Data converter architectures; embedded and cyber-physical systems design; quantum computing logic systems; integration of unmanned aerial vehicles in the national airspace; engineering education.

    931-372-3453 | | Prescott Hall 450 | Profile

  • Lori Bruce

    Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs; Professor

    Research Interest: Remote sensing; image analysis; artificial intelligence; data analytics; hyperspectral imaging and precision agriculture.

    931-372-3224 | | Derryberry Hall 204 | Profile

  • Nan Chen

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interest: Smart grids; mobile vehicle-to-grid technique; next-generation wireless and resource management for vehicular communication.

    931-372-3349 | | Brown Hall 334 | Profile

  • Tarek Elfouly

    Associate Professor

    Research Interest: Structural health monitoring (SHM) using wireless sensor networks (WSNs).

    931-372-3847 | | Brown Hall 210| Profile

  • Syed Hasan


    Research Interest: Artificial intelligence for edge computing; edge intelligence; security threats in deep learning architectures; Internet of Things'; vulnerabilities against hardware based attacks; machine learning algorithms on hardware.

    931-372-3462 | | Brown Hall 319 | Profile | Website

  • Allen MacKenzie

    Associate Dean of Research and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Research Interest: Wireless communications and networking; dynamic spectrum access systems and spectrum policy; cognitive radio and cognitive networks; applications of game theory and auction theory; error control coding.

    931-372-3397 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 217 | Profile

  • Satish Mahajan

    Director of the Center for Energy Systems Research (CESR); Professor

    Research Interest: Optoelectronics (lasers; solar cells; optical fibers); electromagnetics; wireless charging of EVs; sensors; renewable energy.

    931-372-3875 | | Prescott Hall 231 | Profile

  • Mohamed Mahmoud


    Research Interest: Security & privacy in smart grid, vehicular ad hoc network (VANET), and cloud applications.; secure/privacy-preserving machine learning models.; blockchain; cryptography and machine learning.

    931-372-3677 | | Brown Hall 331 | Profile | Website

  • Joseph O. Ojo


    Research Interest: Electric machine analysis and design; adjustable; speed motor drives; power electronic convertors; control theory applied to power electronics and power systems, power systems economics and deregulation issues.

    931-372-3869 | | Brown Hall 323 | Profile

  • Ghadir Radman


    Research Interest: Smart grid; Integration of renewable energy sources; Power system operation/control.

    931-372-3520 | | Prescott Hall 433 | Profile

  • Syed Ali Asad Rizvi

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interest: Control theory; reinforcement learning; autonomous systems; cyber-physical systems; facilities planning and material handling; freight modeling and logistics; microalloying and mechanical behavior; modern manufacturing systems; optimization and simulation modeling; production planning and control.

    931-372-3450 | | Prescott Hall 440B | Profile

  • Charles Van Neste

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interest: Energy generation and transmission; wireless and quasi-wireless power transfer; high frequency inverter design; electronic instrumentation; electromagnetic interactions.

    931-372-3682 | | Prescott Hall 407 | Profile

  • Kumar Yelamarthi

    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the College of Engineering; Professor

    Research Interest: Hardware assisted security; vehicular ad hoc network (VANET); security & privacy in vehicle communication; federated machine learning; engineering education.

    931-372-3172 | | Clement Hall 201 | Profile

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