Faculty Areas of Expertise

General and Basic Engineering

  • Kristine Craven

    Associate Professor

    Research Interest: Teaching and learning strategies; student success and retention; first year engineering programs.

    931-372-6027 | | Clement Hall (CLEM) 318 | Profile

  • Mazen Hussein

    Associate Professor

    Research Interest: Freight modeling and logistics; facilities planning and material handling; optimization and simulation modeling; production planning and control; reverse logistics and recycling; modern manufacturing systems; microalloying and mechanical behavior.

    931-372-3827 | | Clement Hall (CLEM) 320 | Profile

  • John Tester

    Associate Professor

    Research Interest: Manufacturing for design (M4D); additive manufacturing.

    931-372-6796 | | Clement Hall (CLEM) 316 | Profile

  • S. Michael Wells

    Michael Wells

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interest: Website development; global engineering communication; assisting international students in acclimating to American culture.

    931-372-3829 | |Clement Hall (CLEM) 326 | Profile

  • Christopher Wilson

    Chair of General and Basic Engineering; Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Research Interest: Composite materials testing; materials properties; simulation.

    931-372-3216 | | Clement Hall (CLEM) 321 | Profile

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