Faculty Areas of Expertise

Mechanical Engineering

  • Steve Anton

    Associate Professor

    Research Interests: Energy harvesting; smart materials; piezoelectric sensing; biomedical sensing; robotics-based stem education; structural health monitoring; 3D printing.

    931-372-3287 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 328 | Profile

  • Stephen Canfield


    Research Interests: Robotics; dynamic modeling; compliant mechanisms; smart actuators; mechatronics.

    931-372-6359 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 304 | Profile

  • Pingen Chen

    Associate Professor

    Research Interests: Modeling and control of engine; emission control; automated and connected vehicles; electric vehicle control and optimization; nonlinear control and optimization.

    931-372-3310 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) | Profile

  • Jie Cui

    Associate Chair of Mechanical Engineering; Professor

    Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics; turbulence modeling; large eddy simulation; numerical heat transfer; thermal fluids.

    931-372-3357 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 231 | Profile

  • Stephen Idem


    Research Interests: Scale model testing; fluid flow measurement; thermal modeling; fluid mechanics; heat transfer.

    931-372-3607 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 308 | Profile

  • Ethan Languri

    Associate Professor

    Research Interests: Heat transfer study of functionalized nanodiamond colloids; latent thermal energy storage systems; sustainable evaporation in porous media; industrial equipment energy efficiency enhancement; heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

    931-372-6790 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 240 | Profile

  • Sally Pardue

    Associate Professor

    Research Interests: Random vibrations; modal analysis; non-destructive evaluation; machine design.

    931-372-3309 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 329 | Profile

  • Mohan Rao

    Chair of Mechanical Engineering; Professor

    Research Interests: Vibrations; acoustics; noise control; damping design; sound quality and auditory engineering.

    931-372-3254 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 232 | Profile

  • Rory Roberts

    Associate Professor

    Research Interests: transient model for propulsion; power and thermal systems for system design; optimization and control architecture development.

    931-372-3260 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 312 | Profi

  • Joseph Slater

    Dean of the College of Engineering; Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Research Interests: Vibration of structures and machines; aeroelasticity; linear and nonlinear system identification; experimental modal analysis; nonlinear dynamics; cyber physical systems; morphing wing control; turbomachinery blade vibration.

    931-372-3172 | | Clement Hall (CLEM) 201 | Profile

  • Ahmad Vaselbehagh

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Turbulence and vortex dynamics; renewable energy generation; energy storage: atmospheric flows; fluid-structure interactions.

    931-372-6468 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 322 | Profile

  • Chris Wilson

    Chair of General and Basic Engineering; Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Research Interest: Composite materials testing; materials properties; simulation.

    931-372-3216 | | Clement Hall (CLEM) 321 | Profile

  • Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics; experimental fluid and solid mechanics; fluid-structure interactions; multi-functional materials; optimal design

    931-372-3323 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 329 | Profile

  • Ying Zhang

    Director of the Center for Manufacturing Research; Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Research Interests: Protective coatings; high-temperature materials; thermal barrier coatings (TBC); chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

    931-372-3969 | | Prescott Hall (PRSC) | Profile

  • Jiahong (John) Zhu


    Research Interests: Solid oxide fuel cell; high-temperature materials; coatings; environmental effects in advanced materials; intermetallics.

    931-372-3186 | | Brown Hall (BRWN) 116 | Profile

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