College of Engineering


Current Research Projects

Our engineering, computer science, and engineering technology research touches all aspects of human life. Bio-medical, cybersecurity, renewable energy, robotics, and vehicular—among many more.

Selected Research Projects

Developing an EV Demonstration Testbed in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee, an Economy Distressed Rural Region

Creating a proof-of-concept demonstration testbed for EVs and charging infrastructures in UC region in Tennessee to address EV adoption issues.

Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Graph-Based Anomaly Detection

To provide efficient and effective tools for detecting patterns and anomalies in data that can lead to new discoveries in a variety of domains where large amounts of dynamic data are available, including national security, cyber-security, and social media.

Cybersecurity Education, Research & Outreach Center (CEROC)

Resilient Infrastructure

Given the current situation with our nation's infrastructure, understanding resilience appears to be a key way forward for the engineering community to safeguard the continued functionality of critical infrastructure for society.

Center for Energy Systems Research (CESR)

College of Engineering