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2020 New Faculty Research Seminar Series Presents John Tester Ph.D.

John Tester portraitM4D: Manufacturing for Design’ & Additive Manufacturing

Monday, Nov. 16 | 4:30—5:30 p.m.

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Presented by John Tester, Ph.D., Associate Professor, General & Basic Engineering 

Abstract: This topic in Engineering Education research addresses the need for integrating additive manufacturing (AM) into the context of traditional Design for Manufacturing, or DFM, genres.  An NSF workshop, addressing AM in the context of engineering industrial practices, concluded that a new approach to learning engineering design, using AM as well as traditional manufacturing processes, is necessary in order for new engineers to stay relevant in the new industrial environment. The workshop authors used the term “Manufacturing for Design” as a way to emphasize the fabrication aspect of design learning.  This presenter slightly transforms the phrase to “Manufacturing 4 Design” or M4D as a mnemonic contrivance, as well as a link to earlier design research, education, and community service activities.