2020 New Faculty Research Seminar Series Presents Charles Van Neste Ph.D.

Charles Van Neste portraitA New Wireless: Sending Power Over and Through Surfaces


Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020 | 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

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Presented by Charles Van Neste Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Abstract: Wireless capacitive power transfer (WCPT) is a growing research area that mainly focuses on non-radiating electric-field coupling. It has the potential to be highly efficient, low cost, and less susceptible to alignment issues than competing wireless technologies. One major challenge hindering its widespread use is the high voltages found between the capacitive electrodes. Due to this, bipolar (dual, plus/minus electrode) systems are predominant in literature, as unipolar (one electrode) systems generally require even higher electrode voltages for operation. In this seminar, Dr. Van Neste will cover his patented WPT technique that utilizes electrical standing waves to confine and shape electric fields around a CWPT system, improving user safety while maintaining efficient energy transfer. He will show both non-radiative communication and power transmission over single conducting surfaces without the requirement of a return wire. The presented technique opens an array of new and exciting possibilities previously unobtainable with contemporary wireless and two-wired systems. The theory of operation will be discussed with an overview on the present technology development, the external funding supporting this research, and the types of engineering solutions/opportunities it can provide.