College of Engineering

Department Chairs

Chemical Engineering (ChE)

Pedro Arce Image

Pedro Arce, Ph.D., Chair

Prescott Hall (PRSC) 214

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

Benjamin Mohr Image

Benjamin Mohr, Ph.D., Chair

Prescott Hall (PRSC) 216

Computer Science (CSC)

Gerald Gannod image

Gerald C. Gannod, Ph.D., Chair

Bruner Hall (BRUN) 415

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Omar Elkeelany Image

Omar Elkeelany, Ph.D., Interim Chair

Brown Hall (BRWN) 217

General and Basic Engineering (GBE)

Kristine Craven image

Kristine Craven, Ph.D., Interim Chair

Clement Hall (CLEM) 321

Manufacturing and Engineering Technology (MET)

Ahmed Elsawy Image

Ahmed H. Elsawy, Ph.D., Chair

Lewis Hall (LEWS) 107A

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mohan Rao Image

Mohan Rao, Ph.D., Chair

Prescott Hall (PRSC) 214