Financial Aid

Applying Online

Applying for financial aid involves a series of simple tasks that must be completed. Many of these tasks can now be done online, which makes the process easier and quicker than ever.

What do you need to do?

  1. Fill out the online university scholarship application before December 15th of the year before you plan to attend.
  2. Get your PIN number. This takes a few days, so do this before you begin filling out the FAFSA.
  3. While you're waiting for your PIN number, download the FAFSA's pre-application worksheet and fill it out. This is a paper copy of all the questions you will need to answer in the same order as the FAFSA online.
  4. When you receive your PIN number, fill out the FAFSA online.
  5. It normally takes about 4 weeks to process your FAFSA. You'll receive e-mail confirmation once the government makes your information available to us. Once we receive the FAFSA results, we will contact you to let you know what additional information we need to complete. Many of the forms we request can be downloaded from our forms site, and e-mailed to us at

Check out our Application Information page for more detailed information on the financial aid process.