Financial Aid

Graduate Student Financial Aid

As a graduate student at Tennessee Tech, you may be qualified to receive numerous types of financial aid. You must fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 each year, to receive money for the coming academic year.

Work Study

It is also possible for a graduate student to qualify for work study, depending what the FAFSA determines your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) to be for that academic year. While most graduate students that are US citizens or permanent residents are eligible for loans only, don't let that stop you from filling out the FAFSA on the web. Filling out the FAFSA is your most important step in determining your financial aid eligibility.

College of Education Students

If you are pursuing a degree in education, you may qualify for a Perkins loan (university based, forgivable loan program if you perform qualifying teaching service for 5 years after the loan).The FAFSA is required to receive Perkins money, and this is a fund that goes to the first eligible students who apply. We recommend applying early to receive money from this program.

The Department of Education's Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program may also be an option, for education and other qualifying majors. You will find information about the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program on the Department of Education's website.

The Graduate School Office has applications for Graduate Assistantships. This a popular source of education funding, in which you work hours on campus in exchange for payment of your fees and a monthly stipend.

Apply early! Don't wait to be admitted to school.

Both the Financial Aid Office and the Graduate School Office are ready and willing to help you get your financial aid application in order.

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