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Financial Aid Data Sharing Policy 

Posted May 18, 2018

Tennessee Tech University

Office of Financial Aid

Due to the nature of our work, the Financial Aid Office is entrusted with highly sensitive information about each student and his/her family. Our staff is obligated to safeguard this information in compliance with three applicable laws that govern access to, disclosure of and use of student financial aid information.

The three applicable laws include:

• The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

• The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA)

• The Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (Privacy Act)

The intent of FERPA is to protect the privacy of students, in part by prohibiting post-secondary institutions from disclosing personally identifiable information (PII) contained in education records to any third party – including the student’s parents – without permission. FERPA applies to all post-secondary institutions that receive federal funds.

The HEA specifically restricts the use of FAFSA data and states that data collected on the FAFSA form shall be used only for the application, award, and administration of aid awarded under federal student aid programs, state aid or aid awarded by the institution.

The Privacy Act governs the collection, maintenance and use of records maintained by federal agencies and generally prohibits agencies from disclosing data contained in those records. The Privacy Act can impose restrictions on institutions as well if a federal agency lawfully provides records or access to records to an institution.

What does this mean for students at Tennessee Tech University?

The HEA is the most restrictive of these laws. It applies specifically to FAFSA data and financial aid information and only allows students to authorize the release of their financial aid information to another entity. Because of HEA, the financial aid office will not disclose information collected from your FAFSA or your financial aid award or eligibility without explicit written consent to any third party person (including parents or spouses) or entity requesting this data on your behalf without written consent.

Students coming to the financial aid office in person will be asked to login to our kiosk using your Eagle ID Card to discuss matters of their financial aid. If you are applying for scholarships or grants where the application requests information about your financial aid, you must complete our consent form. Students who need financial aid information for third parties may also provide requested data directly to third parties using the following methods:

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) can be found on the Student Aid Report (SAR), which is available by logging in to the student’s FAFSA at After logging in, the student should click the link to view the SAR.

Financial Aid awards can be printed from Eagle Online.

Financial Aid / Award / Award for Aid Year / Select Current Aid Year from the Drop Down Box /

Click Submit / Award Overview / Click the term PRINT / Print the Brower that Opens

Cost of attendance values can be found here:

Federal loan borrowing history and status can be printed by signing into .

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