Financial Aid

FAQs on Scholarships

University Scholarship Questions

Q- How do I apply for Admission and Departmental scholarships at TTU?

In order to be considered for TTU scholarships, you must fill out the Scholarship application that is managed by the TTU  Scholarship Office before the annual December 1st deadline (the Scholarship application is available annually from August 1st to December 1st, check the Scholarship Office website to insure there are no changes in these dates). By completing the TTU scholarship application, you will be considered for all TTU scholarships for which you are eligible. You do not apply for scholarships individually. Please follow the directions provided under "How To Apply" on the scholarship website.

- Scholarship timeline for incoming TRANSFER Students:  

Outside or Agency Scholarship Questions

Q - I have been given an outside scholarship, what do I do to make sure that my student account is credited?

If you have been awarded a scholarship by an outside agency or club, staff members in our office would like to help you be sure those funds are applied to your student account as soon as possible. Please stop by our office and see Claudette Venters, call her at 931-372-3073 or e-mail her at the following link: If you have a copy of a letter or certificate you received from the agency awarding you a scholarship please bring or mail the document to Ms. Venters in the Financial Aid Office or fax it to her at 931-372-6309. **PLEASE ensure your T # is on all documentation and in your Email! We want to make sure your award is posted to the correct student!**

Q - I received an agency scholarship. What do I need to do?

Forward a copy of all award letters or certificates as soon as you receive them to our Financial Aid Office. Please make sure that the student's name and TTU Student ID (T #) are recorded on the document as well as the name of a contact person from the organization, their phone number and their address.

Q - Why is my account credited for only half the scholarship amount?

When an outside scholarship check is received, the amount of the check is divided equally between fall semester and spring semester unless the donor specifies otherwise. If you receive a $1000 scholarship and a check for $500 is sent in the fall for the fall term, the donor must specify in the letter that this is the first of two disbursements or payments.

Q - I need to send information to the person giving me a scholarship before they send any money. What do I do?

Our office will assist in sending information to a donor who requests information before sending payment. Some organizations request verification of enrollment or a copy of the current semester's bill before sending payment. If it is not written in the letter that information should be sent by our office, then you are responsible for notifying us.

Q - When do I get my money from my scholarship check?

When agency scholarship checks are received for a student, the funds will be credited to the student's university account and subtracted from any fees owed the university. If you have already paid your balance in full, or if your credits equal more than your costs, we will refund the balance (unless the donor specifies that we are not to do so. If you are expecting to receive excess aid, you will want to sign up for direct deposit. Go to Bursar's website.

Q - When do I need to get my paperwork in so that my fees are paid?

For students who are using state savings programs such as TN Best and Florida Pre-paid, as well as students who are using vouchers from companies or organizations (Saturn, GM, Americorps, etc.) please provide our Financial Aid Office authorized documentation as soon as you pre-register so that we may bill them and receive the funds to credit to your account in time for the payment deadline. These must be provided each semester that you plan to use them.

Q - How do I send a transcript of my grades to the people giving me a scholarship?

Some organizations require a copy of your semester grades before they will forward payment for the next semester. Our office will prepare transcript release forms for you to sign to have your grades sent if we know about this stipulation in your scholarship. It is your responsibility to make sure that we are aware of this stipulation. The notifications are sent approximately 3 weeks before the semester ends to your TTU post office box. If you have not received notification to come by to sign this form, be sure to come by our office to check on this before you leave school for the semester. We make every effort to assist you, but it is your responsibility to make sure that you have completed all requirements to receive your outside scholarship funds.