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Financial Aid

Non-Degree Programs

Students sometimes choose an undeclared major (non-degree program) when entering college. These programs consist of, but may not be limited to, General Curriculum, Basic Business, Basic Engineering, General Health Studies, Lower Division Nursing and Pre-Professional programs.  Federal regulations stipulate that a student must be in a degree-seeking program to be eligible for any Title IV (federal) aid.   While students are eligible to receive federal aid for these programs for up to a total of 59 earned hours, they must meet with their advisor to choose their major once they are nearing 60 earned hours.   When a student hits 45 earned hours and is in a non-degree program, there will be a hold placed on their financial aid until they are able to declare a major.  The student will then need to notify the Financial Aid Office once their major has been changed.  Advisors are provided a list of students who are reaching their limit of earned hours for a non-degree program.



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